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I think I have totally dropped! I saw myself in the window reflection while mking supper and my belly looks more tear dropped! I will have to post a pic.
I hve been wanting to sleep a lot too. Sleep and eat chocolate and just be left alone. I have reached the point in pregnancy where it just sucks to go anywhere. Riding in the car is just plain uncomfortable and EVERYONE feels the need to comment. "You're so big/small!" "You are going to have your handsful/you have a lot on your plate/you guys will be busy..." "Oh, you are having another girl, your poor husband." SHUT UP PEOPLE! LOL.
I second the giving truthful but not fully disclosed detailed answers. Things that I am not open to discussing get short answers because some doctors like to go on power trips and I dont feel like arguing at every appt. : )
My first is selectively vax'd and hasnt received one now since she was 18 months and she is 3 now. I only ever took her to the doc when she broke her finger and sliced it and needed stitches. My youngest has some special needs and sees various doctors for appts. but I actually dont feel like they ever have anything to say that I wasn't already aware of and when I do have questions they kind of just have vague answers. This babe I was planning on bringing her to her first 2...
I've gained only about half of what I usually gain and am carrying small compared to my other pregnancies but for some reason I feel like it is so much harder to move and bend and do anything for my kids. It makes me crabby! lol. I feel like an elephant trying to do anything.
Let the April chit chat begin! I think I am due approx 5.5 weeks from now. Been having lots of crampy, backache, BH's, etc. until today. Not much else to report here...
Subbing...I'm sick of grilled cheese as my go to cheap fill in supper. The butternut squash soup sounds good!
I was just coming on to post similar questions. I dont think I am dilating but everytime I walk at a normal pace I get cramps, low backache, and contractions, and I can especially feel them when I stop to sit down. I haven't had to 'breathe' through them but they are enough to make me scrunch up my face and focus a bit. I have also been having boughts of watery discharge. I turned 33 weeks on Saturday. This is my 4th and I honestly can't remember for sure if this is early...
We all got sick at our house in Feb and we all recovered from it (just kind of your nasty chest cold) but my toddler's cough just won't go away and now my 11 month old is in the hospital with pnuemonia. I really dont want my baby to come home while trying to get over pnuemonia and have her big sister coughing on her.I have been wanting to take my 3 year old to the ped to resolve her cough but she isn't cough up anything, no fever, and is just as spunky as usual. What would...
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