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We ended up getting 2 new car seats too. My infant seat fits better with the 2 new ones. Everyone keeps telling us we need a minivan or SUV but I agree, new car seats are way cheaper than a new and bigger vehicle. Our car is paid for and costs us $80/month + gas and that's about as much as we are open to paying towards transportation right now.
Was up a total of 26 lbs. Just weighed myself 2 days ago and am down 3 lbs., so up a total of 23 lbs. Such a different pregnancy from my others. Interested to see if baby is going to be totally different than my other kids nd to see what she weighs at birth. I also totally just realized I am almost 33weeks now, I had been telling everyone 31 weeks lately, OOPS!
I was just thinking last night...at my last U/S at 29 weeks my doctor said that baby was an estimated 3 lbs., give or take a few ounces. I didnt really even give it a thought at the time but I just read yesterday that baby is supposedly gaining half a lb. a week now, so now at almost 33 weeks baby would be almost 5 lbs.?? My kids have been born 5 lbs 10 oz @ 38 weeks, 7 lbs. 14 oz @ 39 weeks, and 7 lbs. 12 oz. @ 39.6 weeks and thi pregnancy I am carrying on the smaller...
Glad to know you are feeling better about baby's movements! Maybe you have a wild one on your hands. Maybe baby was in a different position today, too, so his/her movements felt stronger or you could feel more?
The only negative thing I could think of would be that if you had low fluid that movements could be more overwhelming or painful. Less cushioning of limbs and movements. I would call your doctor if your gut tells you something is off.
Here's me at 31.5 weeks!!!!
Oh man! I had that happen last night/this morning! I was laying on the couch and got cold and I kept having leg and foot cramps so I decided to get a big glass of water and take a warm bath. Well, I fell asleep in tub and freaked myself out and realized I was getting over heated so I got up to go to bed and baby was not active at all. Since it was late and she isnt usually active past 9:00 I didnt think much of it but then this morning she wasnt moving at all and only made...
Tell your hubby he doesnt want baby to come yet! We spent 5 weeks in the NICU with our youngest and its far from ideal. My hubby was the same way with our first though, he was ready for her to come around 35 weeks.
Congrats on the van! I haven't been feeling "done" with pregnancy but have been a little antsy thinking about when labor will start fo me, etc. Thrn today I have been having major digestive upset with cramps and it made me realize that I am glad I am not dealing with paimful contrx, real or BH, and not walking around uncomfortable or in much pain yet. Glad to still be comfortably pregnant yet.
I was also just going to post that my feet and ankles are swollen. I hadn't realized it til just a few minutes ago. I dont think I have had it before this puffy before. Maybe I should take my bp. I hve had a very stressful week and drank pretty much no water at all; now I m because I would think that would help. I also have to pee whenevr I stamd up and I started leaking just the tiniest amount off and on, so lovely... 32 weeks tomorrow, starting to feel the time crunch!...
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