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Oh and congrats on the job offer! Weliveintheforest, we must hve posted at the same time! This morning I actually threw up from, I think, a combination of empty stomach and heartburn and I still have been nauseous all day. This has been such a bad pregnancy for sickness. It just never wants to completely go away!
Im in the same boat with maternity clothes. Our long term forecast here to keep having snow and cold right until the first week of April and I am in need of more maternity stuff, especially pants since skirts wont be helpful, but I just cant justify buying any sort of larger pants only to wear them for another 5 weeks. And Im too tall to really keep them to pass on to any other future pregnant friends or family. I have 2 pairs of pantsthat I can wear out into the cold to...
We got snow too. About 10" I think. We didnt get plowed out until 5 pm yesterday. Still cold today but that sun angle is getting better and better. Anybody with older kids experience them getting clingier lately? My 3 year old is a big daddy's girl usually but she s "mommy, mommy, mommy." lately! This heartburn is getting obnoxious Its pretty much constant and the new chocolate cravings are not helping at all. I am excited though because I have been tanning the last few...
Have you had anymore bleeding? Cute birds
Motherhood and pregnancy is one time that i wished i lived in some sort of community like the amish do. A community where there were other women with the same or similar beliefs and lifestyles were near by and could help eachother out.
Snacky for sure!! Chocolate and pop, bad i know but everything else fills me up too much or is too rich for my stomach. Lots of braxton hicks contractions lately. Also, constipated but pooping frequently...strange. Not that you all wanted to know.
I havent been burping but i really cant eat much at a time. I have been getting heartburn easily because of it too. We have had 2 days of above zero temps and holy crap did that bring the out the nesting! Now im pooped and almost kind of looking forward to our snow/sleet storm tomorrow and just cudling up and hanging out.
" Seems like post nasal drip causing the puking." - beautifulnm That was totally my conclusion as to why i started feeling pukey when i was in the worst of my sickness!! I seem (knock on wood) to be out of the worst of it. I reordered the filter for our humidifier so hopefully that will keep a lot of the stuffiness and congestion away. We got snowed in today so I went on an ordering spree and also ordered some strawberry plants and our new layer chicks! They should...
I am with you! I have a 3 year old and a 9 month old and am 27 weeks pregnant. My 3 year old is just now sleeping consistently every night even if there is other commotion going on. She is even good at going to bed most nights. My 9 month old is trying to kill me with her sleep! Naps she is good but she goes to bed around 8:30 and sleeps soundly til 10:00 pm then tosses and turns, tries to roll over and crawl in her sleep straight until 5:00 am when she finally settles in...
I forgot I as going to ask you all...I'm pretty much only feeling kicks/punching on my cervix...isn't that strange? Its almost like she has dropped already but I'm sure she is too small to be in one main position like that. Kinda weird but I thought I'd ask you ladies. I have had such a low backache off and on but was attributing it to the constipation but maybe baby has shifted too?
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