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Thanks so much, I love hearing this stuff. There is such a push for induction as if your due date is an expiration date.
How awesome you are putting your foot down and doing your research! Congratulations to you and your new boy!!!
I'm officially 14 days past due. I'm planning a home birth so induction has not been on my radar. My last DS was born 12 days past his due date and weighed 10 lbs. even (also homebirth). I just feel like my body has been ready for a few weeks  now, cramping and lots of pelvic pressure but it just won't go into labor. I am feeling a lot of anxiety and very emotional the later I go and keep hearing negative comments from others. I'm hoping someone has some positive...
completely feeling the clean house stress! I feel like I can't keep up with it between working, my 22 month old  and losing energy by the day. I guess its a typical stress for those of us having home births. I finally got a few things frozen as far as food for birth attendants... Baked Ziti in freezer and some awesome gluten free muffins. I also bought a powder dip packet and some sour cream that doesn't expire until end of June so as long as labor doesn't go super fast...
My first was 9 lbs, (12 years later) my 2nd was 10 pounds now pregnant with my third we shall see. On a side note I am a petite person my top weight with pregnancy #2 was 147 Lbs. No tearing either. If nervous about a big baby remember squatting (a very natural position for pushing baby) opens pelvis up 30% wider.
I've been concerned about the use of the doppler as well as ultrasound, there is some controversy about how it may affect the fetus so I think the concern is valid. I have opted for the fetascope and no ultrasound unless there is a concern. Although I agreed to allow my midwife to use the doppler during labor. With the fetascope the heartbeat can not be detected until 17 weeks which may be one reason why the OB refused. It is also more time consuming and requires more...
At the conclusion of my pregnancy my toddler son will be about 23 months. I am curious if anyone had  siblings present during thier homebirth, particuarly at such a young age and how that worked out? I will likely have a friend to help out at our home but I am not comfortable with the idea of someone taking him elsewhere as he has never been left with any other people other than my husband or I.
Also I believe the healthy home economist also has a ginger ale receipe on her site.
I just made my first d rink with whey...it is a fermented lemonade...totally refreshing   http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/video-fermented-hindu-lemonade/
I definitely understand wanting to leave NJ...I grew up there and finally escaped 2 years ago. I settled just outside Indianapolis. The area is super affordable (compared to NJ)and  I love that there are lots of farmers markets, parks and I had an awesome homebirth midwife and love my chiropractor!  However there is a serious lack of health conscious people. I feel like the odd ball around here and have had a difficult time finding people that share the same passions....
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