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TTC #2 in January.... I had an uneventful pregnancy and my birth went fine just that I ended up on Pitocin only because my water broke and no contractions and of course OB started it right away... I am set on a HB for my next pregnancy. I know of two HB MW near me and I just don't know where to start with all this!!
I honestly don't buy my DD new clothes, the new clothes she gets are from family members...   I get all her clothes at resale shops, garage sales, and Mom2Mom sales....  trying searching for a Mom2Mom sale in your area.... I have bought name brand clothing in EXCELLENT condition from these sales... I got my DD fall/winter clothes for this year and next and she is set and everything I got for under $100...   All her newborn clothes I got off diaperswappers.com in...
Mind if I join you ladies?!   I am wanting an so is DH but we are waiting anywhere from November this year to April 2012... i am trying to finish school and its so hard when people I know around me are getting pregnant... but I know my time will come!!! I'm excited to meet you ladies!
I order from inhousepharmacy.biz it initially took a month but my second order took a week and then another order took 2 week so its touch and go...   Just want to say that dom has been a lifesaver for my supply, granted I have had to still supplement but not as much as I use too... only downfall has been weight gain for me....
I am just wondering if there is anything I can do now, once I wean, before I become pregnant again to increase glandular breast tissue so I don't encounter low supply issues for subsequent nurslings?
I was wondering about some recommendations of herbs to bring on AF... I am currently still BFing my 20 month old and have had only one PPAF and that was over a year ago.    We are looking to start TTC soon but I was wondering about what herbs I could take to help bring on a regular cycle and help balance hormones.   Also, can any of you ladies recommend me a natural progesterone cream as well? Thank You... :0)
I'm still on here... occasionally... :)
Any of you ladies who are dom noticed a huge increase in appetite and weight gain?   Since I started taking dom almost a year ago I have gain almost 15 lbs... and I have had such a huge appetite, its ridiculous!!!!
I am wanting to start getting supplies for a homebirth. We still have about 6 months before we start TTC but I am huge planner and plus I don't want to be worried about getting supplies while pregnant.   What are some supplies that I can start picking up this far in advance and not worrying about it going bad. Thanks
So the husband and I are going in with my parents on a beef cattle.   What are some parts besides the normal roast, steaks, ground beef we should get? I was thinking some bones for bone broth, maybe the tail bones, ribs, and liver?
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