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SIGH....... well after our DS my DH said he was done. then we had a suprise pregnancy and were thrilled.. we lost that baby at 13 weeks along.. then DH realized we really wanted another.. had another MC at 10 weeks... we took 1 yr off of TTC then this past september my oldest DD started Kindergarten and I wanted another so badly. By Oct we got pregnant with this blessing.... now shes here and I am THRILLED beyond any feeling Ive ever had we are done now for sure...
ty good to know i was getting worried
I had my baby 10 days ago. I did have her oh natural but needed 2 stitches My PP bleeding as been almost non existant since the 5th day or so.. just occassional old stuff... well today I stood up and ALOT of orangey discharge came pouring out. what is this?? do I have an infection? anyone experience this before ? I dont feel like its yeast or anything but Im alittle worried......of course my Drs office is closed for the day
................. .................. ................... ........................ GIRL Heres my birth story heres my birth story~ Monday I went to the Dr he said I was 3 cm and my cervix was very soft. I went home and just didnt feel well. I went to bed and around 1;45 am woke to a contrax... they started up at 4 min apart. I waited till 2 45 then called my Dr he said I could either wait alittle longer or go in and...
yay thats great news
I just experienced this ..this morning and was alittle freaked that something was wrong because I was certain it was baby breathing wow this is so cool
WE ALWAYS HAD A FEW FAVORITES of those lighted/noisy toys for each child however once we had too many if someone doesnt give us a gift reciept (which happens often) then I add them to a box of "regiftable/church box of toys. but they def arent nessesary to raising your little one
my DR said they arent but who knows...... they pretty uncomfy for me these days though
woohooo congrats
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