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Sanitary? In a hospital?!?! : Tell her about MRSA. It's rampant in hospitals all over the US and finds it's way into circ wounds. I was gonna put some links up, but here's the google results of MRSA + circumcision: http://www.google.com/search?sourcei...++circumcision
http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=533341 Here's another.
Do I remember correctly, that with the serotype replacement and all going on with the hib... that it's looking like those vaxed with it are more likely to come down with another strain?? Mamakay (or anyone), am I remembering that right?? Also, in a baby under 6 months, the P vax isn't effective even to the pitiful level that it may reach at it's peak... So it's a pointless one IMO, since the time when there's a risk to a non-BFed babe, the series isn't complete...
Quote: Originally Posted by TechnoGranola Ugh, I don't want to be pessimist here, but didn't your DD say she got a shot? From the way they handle vaccines there, I would be more inclined to believe her than the teachers...I mean why would they send letter saying everyone is getting vaccinated and then only vaccinate one child? I find the whole thing confusing. Is there anyway you can find out if they really did get shots? Can you ask any other parents?...
Why bother? Check the guidelines in each forum. It's clear and well-defined what we hold as optimal and why. This is MDC, right?
Alright, so you're saying that the bone of contention here is the term "mainstream". Right? Quote: Originally Posted by Thao As for AP, at its core it simply means to create a loving attached relationship with your children; my mom didn't do any of the AP "rules" but she loved me and spent time with me and created opportunities for me and we are close because of that. So it's doing a disservice to AP to reduce it to a list of behaviors that one does...
Aside from the fact that you refuse to use the quote function, why did you snip my post without noting that you did so? What you left out is speaking to everything else you said following. Please take care to quote properly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thao Quote: Originally Posted by izobelle To think that it's these activities that make an attached family, rather than the overall attitude of acceptance and deep-seated love, is a very superficial take on attachment and what the authors of the AP movement meant. This bears repeating. I do most of the AP "checklist" of things, but I don't assume for a minute that this means I am more attached...
Odd, indeed!
Quote: Originally Posted by Revamp "The foreskin is vulnerable to tearing and bleeding during sex." Ok... Firstly, how would he know? Secondly, WTF?!!?!?!!!! Oh, totally! What a load of BS... : But incidentally, without a foreskin, the vagina is "vulerable to tearing and bleeding during sex".
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