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Hello ,   today I   - went on a major grocery shopping marathon with my friend - did about 50 loads of dishes ( or so it feels ) - cooked , pureed and froze a few dinners for my baby sweet pea - made tacos for everybody - washed and dried a few blankets - played outside with my boys , while the lo´s were sleeping - swept and mopped the floors downstairs - gulped down a few cups of tea in-between to keep me going   and NOW I am ex-haus-ted...
  That is SO true ! Didn´t think of seeing it from that angle , but Angie is right ! If your family is willing to give , use your money to pay off your loans and what they are volunteering to make your live and that of your kids easier ! It doesn´t sound like they will put a guilt trip on you for it , so why not !
  Supplements yes , there are quite a few things , that come to mind with uncontrolled rage .  One of the first is maybe low blood sugar ! That can really make you go off the deep end ( I speak from personal experience ) and is quite easily remedied , so it would definitely be worth investigating
  Thanks , I am SO proud of that !
WOW , that´s a tough one !  Of course , being a teen is not an easy phase in life , but those kind of threats don´t really sound like normal teen behaviour to me . If you work with the kind of stuff you say you do , maybe you could find some form of counselor to help you work out , what is going on and why ! Sometimes , there is more to a story , than you realize at first glance ! Good luck !    
My 14-year-old still loves his Lego and also Playmobil , and seeing how the other boys in his class are after girls already , I am quite happy about it !
Wow , haven´t thought of it from this perspective ! I will be sure to pass the answers along . And if I ever have another child , I think , I will refuse them as well  
I had a little discussion with a friend of mine , who is expecting her second child . She had a natural delivery with number one and all went normal , except for ( from what she said ) a nasty episiotomy , that didn´t heal well , because her health care provider didn´t do a good job repairing it  This time , she said , if she tears ( she put in her birth plan that we will not have another episiotomy ) , she does not want to have it repaired   I am not familiar with...
Yep , that is a big one for me  After going through some of your guys posts , I started reviewing many areas of our consumption attitude and I realized , that I NEVER go into a store and only pick up exactly what I need , there is always at least one item more . And another big area is taking the kids with me , since especially the older ones always want something , so from now on I am going to try shopping in the morning , when they are in school . Let´s see , how that...
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