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Quote: Originally Posted by acegmom I'll bow out now - no need for me to offer any more advice from my "crackpot" piercer. You obviously have the all the answers anyone here would need. I'm glad it worked for her. In my own experiences with piercings, though, it does more harm than good. I'm sorry if I came off brusque or rude when I posed, it wasn't intended to be. I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to my training and experience, and I get...
Quote: Originally Posted by acegmom Took her back to the piercer who told her it may be a keloid, but to try dial soap as the constant sea salt soaks might be irritating her (very sensitive) skin. Dial soap is NOT good for piercings and their healing, and it sounds like your piercer might be a bit of a crackpot if he thinks bruising around a piercing that gets bumped and rubbed a lot is a keloid. ONLY Satin or Provon liquid soaps should be...
Dr Bream in Auburn/Shrewsbury is a wonderful Ped. He was *MY* pediatrician, and told me he had to stop seeing me as a patient when my son started lol. Also, Amy-Beth Gonroff, through Dr Bream's office. They've been my choice in peds since my oldest was born, and i love them to death.
I'm gonna second the checking craigslist .. but I will ask around to friends in Portland/So. Portland, Westbrook areas ..
Well . I requested mine somewhere around 14 months ago ...
A lot of people are saying scam .. but honestly? Toyota Financial services just plain SUCKS. We were behind 1 months payment when I got laid off, never got more than 30 days behind, made a payment arrangement with TFS, and woke up to find the car repo'd. The day before we got the written payment arrangement in the mail.
I felt old Sunday .. when I was *excited* to be carded for tobacco AND alcohol in the same day. What ever happened to it being a frustration to have to dig for ID?
I wore black as my mom's matron of honour last fall ... but that could just be a judgement on how much i like my mom.
i have a mac .. and a sony vaio .. and a toshiba satellite. ALL highly recommended
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