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It can be done! I did it myself, when I was 19 years old (though I had no kids then, I'm sure it's way harder with kids) -- Everything I owned was destroyed in a hurricaine except what I had evacuated with, so it was easier for me. I moved 10 hours away from my original home.
I am in a very, very similar situation to you, minus the hoarding. I had been living with my boyfriend for the past 8 months or so, and recently became pregnant. Well, when I found out I was pregnant I realized I was living with a lazy guy that was really taking advantage of me financially. For example, I had been paying 75% of the rent, and 100% of the food costs and utilities. I kicked him out, back to Mama's house a month ago. He really wants to get back together, but...
Oh, yeah, totally don't worry then! All of the Early Intervention ladies that came out to see him were REALLY nice, I never once felt judged, even if my house wasn't 100% clean. And no, they never ever looked in my fridge - They never once even asked for as much as a glass of water LOL       Quote:
Is this for Early Intervention? When my son was younger we had a speech & motor therapist that came out to the house each week. They always stayed in the living room, never ventured into anywhere else, especially not into any bedrooms. They aren't there to check you out, it's just usually easier for the mom to have home visits, especially if you have other kids. It was always a good experience for us, it really helped him, and I was sad when the home vists ended when he...
I'm a little scared to say so, but I agree with you!   My ex-husband is originally from China, most of his family still lives and works there (for very low amounts of money) - I have seen these things firsthand. If a sweatshop were to close down, it doesn't mean that these children/teens that work there will suddenly be able to go out and play and enjoy childhood and have full bellies. It just means that they will either have to beg, find another job at a factory, or...
I don't have anything insightful to say - Just that I love Hello Kitty, and have since I was about your daughter's age.
Yes, it would be a deal-breaker for me. Not the being unemployed, but the not even looking for employment and turning down employment part. Your husband is supposed to make your life together easier, not more difficult for you.
I was in a similar situation as you over the summer. I personally didn't consider myself a "single mom" til I actually moved out and was doing it alone. But I would never tell anyone in this situation NOT to call themself a single mom, either! I guess it just depends how helpful your Ex is in regard to the kids. My Ex was really good about helping me with our son while we were still living together, so I didn't feel like a single mom until I moved out and was the one...
I voted "other". I would get a few of those covered cups - not baby sippy cups, but the travel cup kind. They have hot and cold cup versions at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
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