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Funny, writing this must have broken the dam somehow... today he had three (largish) poops. Maybe as soon as mama stops worrying, it comes? Hilarious! Thanks for all the calming and helpful responses!
Happened to mine too. No biggie. Got a little crusty and oozy, and made some ooze marks on his diaper. His cord actually fell off right before my 1 wk well baby check-up and the practitioner told me just to keep it clean and continue to act as if it hadn't fallen off: sponge, not tub baths; fold down diaper. That's just until it stops being crusty. If blood actually FLOWS out you'll need to go to the ER. That can be related to a vit K deficiency and some genetic...
Hello all,   I am hoping for some advice/thoughts/perspective on something that has me puzzled with my6 wk old DS. During the first three weeks of life he was pooping five or six times a day, quarter sized, seedy, yellow to yellow brown. Now he is pooping much less often, every two days, sometimes every three days. These poops are HUGE. Now his poop is of a slightly different consistency, a little more creamy, a little less seedy (though there are still seedy...
I do that too, with peppermint!
I actually thought I was supposed to be super productive right now... and was totally beating myself up over those crumbs (and all the career-related work I am not yet doing).
To answer a question from the OP (but not in the original post): If you are in a city with a large (or largish) Indian, Pakistani, or Arab community there should be a beauty salon that does professional henna tattoos. They're something people get for weddings or other major special events, usually. Your daughter might really enjoy getting a professional one (even small) at a salon because she could then brag about the authenticness of the salon experience. Otherwise, you...
Yeah, it's also important to realize that some of the foreigners you see "driving hummers" etc, are from the very top of the social/economic spectrum in their home countries and are not here to work, but to shop etc. Better to compare them to the folks you see on Madison Ave in NYC and on Rodeo Drive in SoCal.   
Blue daisy: from what I've heard and experienced, I would favor NYC over DC. DC is VERY segregated, in many parts. My experience was in a major city, about the size of DC... Consider NYC.
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