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Me again! My craving has become more manageable, but is still there. I think it is mainly when my husband is at work, that I want an intimate female relationship. Would that even work or be worth it? Is there another solution? If my husband worked at home, would my cravings get less and less, or just re-assert in a different way?   I am not ready to stop considering this, but I am aware that it may not need to happen right now... good luck to you girls!
I am new to considering Poly for my family. My husband knew I was bi, but 5 years into our marriage (last week) I expressed my feelings toward adding a girlfriend in to the mix, as I long for female love and intimacy. We are taking our time in considering this, as we have 2 children already and we love each other deeply. Any tips for a newbie?
SOO comforting to hear that there are others out there like me. I am married to my love, my husband. He knows I am bi, has known for 6 years, but every once and a while I get these "cravings" for women. This past craving hit me really hard and I asked my friend (who lives in Portland, OR, lol) and she made me feel like I could possibly satiate this craving. Having talked with my husband, I feel like he is very uncomfortable with the idea but open to it if it is...
My last menstrual cycle we were trying for #3. I got my period and suddenly I don't want 3 kids. This happened a few months ago, I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and suddenly didn't want more children. Why am I unable to make a solid decision here? Any one else have experience with this?   I really want my kiddos all together in age, not spread Faaaaar apart, so if I want more kids, I need to do it NOW. My oldest is nearly four and my youngest is 2, they were 20...
Wed Check-In Name: Amanda Date: 5/9/11 Chart: na Where are you in your cycle: cd2 Appointments: -- Symptoms if they apply: -- Testing: June 6th Thoughts: Ugh, a whole other month to wait! good luck to you all this month!
Hey guys I am back from the 2WW boards, as AF came yesterday. Not a biggie, because I know we will be preggo soon and we are having enough fun trying! My only disappointment is in the delay and the waiting, I am not as patient as I wish I were...another 2 weeks just until O? then 2 or more weeks till I can know ANYTHING!? That is the hard part, but it is all worth it in the end!
We never talk about how all of this affects our significant others. I always feel like they feel what we do, just in a WAY milder format. I know that my husband was instantly horny (excuse the term) when I got my period and he said with a smile, "I guess we will just have to try again" This is pretty fun for the guys, and I know that I get all wound up in which days are my most fertile and I don't always stop to enjoy the naughtiness of it all. I mean, when else can you...
Last pregnancy i didn't test at all, just knew when my period didn't come after a few weeks. It was a very anticlimatic way to go, so I decided to test this cycle. I got AF yesterday, so at least I am not being tortured by not knowing! Oh and I don't think I would get the blood test, it just seems like I could just wait to make sure or talk with my midwife.
The wait is finally over! 21DPO and finally I got my period. Ugh. Not a big deal, just means that maybe we will have a Feb baby, which was our original plan anyway. You shuld see how not unhappy DH is, "trying" is obviously his favorite part, I like it too, but he REALLY likes it. Probably because it guarantees sex for at least a week straight. Oh well, see you guys in 14 days! Hopefully some of you will have moved on to the DDC boards though :)
Is anyone else out there almost a week late for AF and no BFP yet? Tomorrow is 21DPO, but I got a BFN on Sat. Anyone else in this boat???
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