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Oh, my, I cried reading your story, how horrible!   Being treated for your anxiety will help you SO MUCH. I also experienced severe anxiety, after my fourth baby was born, and I never got help. Let anyone help you who is willing. And if someone tries to belittle your feelings, give them a big F U.
If something catastrophic happens I am free to deal with it without worrying about time off work. I am here to deal with all the phone calls and everything. We are just freshly coming out of one such emergency so this is big on my mind.
I will say though, my last pregnancy was the best, besides the last 3 weeks full of prodromal labor. I had so much energy, my house was spotless, I cooked and froze several meals. I could have used ALOT more help after the birth, for almost the first month. I had a really hard time recovering, and it was a non-eventful homebirth. I doubt it was age-related, but I was so worn-down!
I had four kids, first I was 18 and the last I was almost 35. Each birth was harder and more painful than the last. I was completely exhausted during my last birth, and it wasn't even long, but I had had 3 weeks of prodromal labor.   Yet many other women, older than me, have smooth, peaceful births.
I can sort of understand the thinking of protecting our girls. It's like, my girls walking through a bad part of town alone is not an invitation to be raped, but they are more likely to be. So I don't let them do that. I just don't see a bra that way. The worst thing with not wearing a bra is social...nipples poking out and bounciness.
No one should dictate whether a child even wears underwear, barring health issues. I have known dads who insist their daughters wear a bra, and that is just creepy to me. School faculty getting involved in underwear...a HUGE no-no. I wish bras weren't an issue in society. I hate wearing one but I am pretty floppy/bouncy and it feels physically awkward if I am just hanging loose in certain shirts.
I'd love a place to be able to talk freely about being a sahp. Like in the thread about "doing all that AND working", there was so much that couldn't be said.
I wonder if you can just not mention them again. Were your kids close to your in-laws? If not, you may can just let it slide and not bring them up as part of your life again.
I actually wean myself from caffeine. If I feel a headache starting, I drink a little at a time until it stops. After 3 days or so I am done and don't crave it or get headaches. Good luck!
And reading your posts in this thread gave me the courage to go ahead and make my decision!
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