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Birth is how midwives make a living. They have bills, gas and wear and tear of car, clothes can get ruined, the fee covers tests they do (My midwife drew my blood and sent it off, the labwork was part of the fee), all the supplies she brings, all the post-partum care. Plus they usually will give more visits than what is contracted if you need them. Most people don't work for just their costs of working, they make some extra, same with midwives.   Have you looked into...
We got a personal loan. If we couldn't have done that, I would have gone with a fam doc about 40 minutes away who does natural births in a good hospital.
My daughter and I "talked" all the time also. She just didn't tell me the right things, and she lied, all the time. It wasn't stuff I would have caught on my own. She finally one day admitted to "dating" a grown man when she was 15, so...I read through some of her things, she had developed an eating disorder bc he made her think she was fat(this can be hidden), she was cutting her arms (long sleeves in the winter, the older kids don't walk around without clothes on)....
One of my kids just could not get the concept of "why". If I asked "What made you " then she'd answer!! She used to come to me and say, "Why I do dat, mama?" and then I'd have to go searching to see just what it was she did!   Good for you for working to help this kid. My situation was a little similar and my dh and I have been married for almost 15 years now and he adopted my then-baby. Now there are 4!
And as for the cars with tons of kid stickers...there are many grandparents who have stickers for their grandchildren.   We have seen around town a car with the back window covered in cat stickers LOL
My family stickers on my minivan are zombies. Dh has a machine and program so he can make those stickers, so he made me a whole zombie family, including our dogs.
Well I read the rest of the comments and am relieved I'm not the only one with a strong urge to touch babies LOL
I do not care if people touch my babies, as long as they don't stick hands in their mouths lol I know personally the instinct to touch a baby can be very strong. I ask before touching if I really can't stand it anymore, but it does not bother me for strangers to rub the baby's head or cheek, or hand or foot. The most precious thing is the elderly and the little bitty kids who are just so interested. I just imagine what the elderly are thinking...what memories they hold...
I guess I have learned from this thread never to assume anyone is a parent or NOT a parent. I never thought about it being offensive to assume someone wasn't the parent. I was a teenage mom myself and it never bothered me if people thought I wasn't her mother, it was the attitude towards the fact that I WAS her mother that bothered me.
We don't teach ma'am and sir, but the kids just naturally picked it up and they do call the elderly ma'am and sir. I HATE to be called ma'am lol   I guess I will have to follow your lead and require them to do housework. My 10 year old last week helped me clean up and get the house ready for company, all on her own, I mean no asking "What should I do?" so I slipped her a $5 and a note thanking her in her laundry basket and told her to take her laundry upstairs. The...
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