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Mata- My older kids do go to school, but I severely miss homeschooling. I miss my kids and our "old life". I will definately also homeschool the toddler for years, too. I see alot about public school that I hate, but there is good, also. My kids have done well so far, and my oldest starts college next month(!!omg.i'm.so.old!!) Kids are definately different in public school...cultureally and socially...and it can be hard to get used to!
#2 used to always get sick first, sicker than anyone else, many times turn into a respiratory infection from a minor cold. We finally had her tonsils removed, and it totally turned her life around! It was a very huge difference. I questioned the surgery so much and I was terrified to go through with it bc of the risks but it has so much improved her quality of health! She does have minor allergies but usually does not take anything for it. Cats are a huge trigger(don't...
We are pretty much agnostic. Don't know/don't care. I do care, but can't find the truth lol I think if I were anything, it would be pagan. I was raised strict Southern Baptist, dh was raised nothing.
nak...pretend, dressing barbies, and coloring. hatehatehate.
I agree with the others...everything I do except breastfeed. There is absolutely no reason or excuse a father can't "do it all" the same as mothers. My dh changed all my babies' diapers if he was home the first few weeks...so if he was able to take 4 days off for the birth, I did not change a diaper for those 4 days! He definately took care of the babies for me to shower. He can get them to sleep if I am not home at nap/bedtime (now for this most recent baby, she will...
The worst comment, besides my brother making fun of me with #4 for being "old", was when I was preg with #3, we had the first two kids with us in Aldi's, and this elderly couple asked if those were our kids, then pointed at my belly and said, "You know what causes that, don't you?" I ALMOST said, "Yeah, fucking!" but I didn't. Maybe I should have! At this point any comments are people thinking the baby is one of my teen daughters' child :( I just would NEVER make...
I am enjoying the toddler part more at this age than with my oldest kids. When they were little, I was so focused on *life*, everything going on, plus I was in college, and this time I know to slow down, enjoy it, we can eat sandwiches if we have to. I am trying to soak it all in as much as I can, bc this is my last. It really is something else dealing with teenage issues AND baby stuff! I sure am glad we did it, though!
I have four girls, two teens, a tween and a toddler. My MIL has 5 boys, there were 18 years between her oldest and youngest. I feel really tired and old sometimes to be having a toddler lol Not that I'm that old, but I had my oldest at 18 and I sure had more energy then.
I met my close friends through a homeschool group. It wasn't a co-op or anything, we just met for "socialization". It was specifically created a long time ago to be an alternative to all the religious groups (we are in SC...at the time most homeschoolers were very religious) and most of the moms who drifted into our group tended to love it and we all were friends. We were also very friendly to new moms. I miss it SO MUCH...most of the kids grew up or went to public...
I wonder if it's the breastmilk itself, or the bonding/physical closeness of mom-only to baby, as opposed to everyone else feeding the baby. This is very interesting!
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