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  Oh, my gosh, this exactly has cause me so much pain, and it was so hard to let go. I have tried to be so much BETTER than my parents, and we *are* parenting better, yet we still have struggles with the teens and I feel like, why did I bother trying to be such a good, affectionate mom? I felt that because we responded to our kids' needs and did a much better job of it than our parents, our kids would turn out a certain way. Ha. And I bet my oldest is going to do the...
My 10 year old is about 110 pounds. She has a big belly. She gets bullied for it by some boys at school, but some of the boys have crushes on her and "talk sweet to her"(whatever that means!) One doctor once told her she needed to lay off the sodas and exercise more!! OMG My child rarely got sodas (if we eat at a restaurant or bday party she does) and SHE IS NEVER STILL. She constantly is running, rolling, flipping, crawling, all she does when awake is exercise. There is...
My understanding is that rust has nothing to do with tetanus, right? Nails just sometimes happen to be rusty where tetanus is more likely to be?
Has anyone seen that photoshopped picture of Daryl with a baby strapped to his back? It says, "I don't always wear babies, but when I do, I still kill zombies with both hands."
It really helps when people act all shocked bc they think all babies always like being in the car. hearing that repeatedly always lifted my spirits right up! Not really.
Because it's "bad", "dangerous", and "spoils" babies. I found out afterwards also many older moms coslept but tried to encourage their own daughters not to. Not sure why that is, unless they had babies who didn't let them sleep well.
I don't know...if someone asks if there's something they can do for me, then it's not like they are being know-it-alls, if I could think of something they *could* do, it *would* help! As I said, I've taken someone up on holding the baby for me for a minute...it was a great relief and they will never realize what that did for me that day. Occasionally, some guy in line behind me would unload my cart onto the counter while I fought with a baby/toddler(without asking)....
Yes, for 18 years my mom has been telling me, "This too shall pass". It certainly does! Then it's something new ;)   Ok Go has a cute song +video with the title "This Too Shall Pass".
As #3 got older, we realized if we really loudly sang certain songs, she didn't cry as long as we were singing. Some of them were "Hush" by Afroman(yeah stupid lol), The Ants Go Marching, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. #4 stayed happy much longer if we played the Muppets' Mahna Mahna in the car. Not forever, but quite a few minutes!
I actually nursed those two car-haters while dh or my oldest daughter drove. There is no stopping for cuddles or anything, if we stopped, she'd immediately get hysterical, screaming to the point of throwing up as soon as she was back in her seat. I have old-mama saggy boobs so I could lean over and nurse. I know it's not safe, I don't want to hear any preaching about it. There comes a time we do what we have to do.
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