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Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy Mine never played with it. We were given a $50 gift cert, and I still paid another $80 by the time we were done, and we got the least expensive bear. Total rip off. Holy Cow! We've gotten 3 of them over the years and only one cost more than $25. My son (4) adores his two. My DD (2) could care less. DS is a "comfort item" child though, where my DD is so not!
Quote: Originally Posted by JuJuBees eh.. well, we change him every time he wets. we use cloth diapers, prefolds no covers, so i know when he is wet. i dont think we need to change him more often that that. Could be just the position of his penis in the diaper isn't agreeing with him, or maybe the detergent used on them isn't sensitive enough. It is a very sensitive area. I'd say put a little lanolin (very gently) on it for a day or so, but...
I would hate for a child to be deprived of their genital integrity because their parents believed they deserved to make that choice.
Blogger is free, and generally easy to use. I know a lot of MDC mommas use Xanga though. I did at one time, and never liked it as much as blogger, especially when you have to pay for the same features at Xanga that you get for free at blogger. I'm so very sorry for what you are going thru.
Sorry, I'm never sure what links are allowed and which aren't.
It would still be a good idea to find out the housing laws in your area. Something about the landlord providing a safe enviroment.
I think that's awesome!
Well, I would be disinclined to visit. When and if your parents ask why you don't visit just tell them the truth. However, you could both meet halfway for day visits.
Well, I have to admit I dislike responding to wanteds. I know the point is to get rid of something that someone else needs, but I find a lot of our wanted have every sob story imaginable included. I feel for them, but everybody is on Freecycle for the same purpose, and many have the same needs for similar reasons. So I would much rather make an OFFER, and the first emailer gets the item. That is just my perogative. Sounds like you are getting what you want! HOORAY!
New Posts  All Forums: