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This is kind of a sensationalist blog post, but it does provide some info and some links about FCLO. It's perfectly safe during pregnancy and in fact is really great for you and baby!  http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/why-eating-organic-will-never-make-you-healthy/
I'm with Ash. I can't post pictures anywhere, so whatevs.
I haven't received any links to try out the forum choices, but I'm fine with whatever.
Free forums can actually do almost everything you listed in the pros there, Jaimee. I've done all of those things except i think keystrokes.One thing free forums doesn't have that i value is multiquote, but i don't think our group uses that much.
So sorry, Kirsten. Thinking of you!
Images. Or whatever they. 
Yes, you can add them. You have to save them to your computer and then add them in the admin area. I haven't used the mobile version so I don't know if you can use smilies in that.
That's all I have time to comment on. We are headed to Ocean Shores to clam dig! We'll be home Sunday. I am going to be surprised if I have cell service there!
Joanie, I made our detergent at the beginning of the summer and we've been using it ever since. I really like it! Gets things clean without scents (which is a plus for me, tho might be a negative for others). I do have an HE machine (new, hate it! I'd love nothing more than to have my harvest gold 1977 top loader back that they hauled off when they brought the new set. That thing was a beast and got shit CLEAN!) so every wash no mater what I do extra rinse. I use vinegar...
I am happy to help if we do use freeforums. I am no expert, but I have been using it for two years. It was two years ago that I set everything up, so I can't say I remember everything, though! 
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