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Makes me think of this video I've seen posted on FB several times in the last few weeks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIsCs9_-LP8
DH's parents are about 30-40 minutes east of Madison, so we won't be too far at all! 
Joanie, I think Ash is right - you know what's best. And Sora is going to love being with you more. Is there a local AP group near you for playdates? I just loooove my group, so that's why I bring it up...    Also! We will be in WI from December 17th to Jan 2nd or 3rd or something. How close are you to Madison? I forget where in WI you are. I'd love to meet you and Sora!
Local mamas, I can meet up just about any day. It will take me about an hour or more depending on traffic to get there, and R is a late riser, so I probably cannot commit to being there any earlier than 11am. November is pretty open for us, just our usual playgroup a couple times a week. 
But I haven't worked with anything else, so I don't know if that's the best. I doubt it is. And I'm sorry, but I can't volunteer to set it up/run it. I have strict limits on my online time and the other forum I set up took me about 10-15 hours to get fully set up and running.
And it is free, with some upgrades you can pay for but the other forum i set up has been running for almost two years without any need to buy anything. If we wanted a .com name we would have to pay for that.
And they have a mobile version. The look is customizable (not the mobile look, tho) and you can add custom smilies, so we could bring our favorite emoticons from mdc there.
When I set up a private forum I used this: http://www.freeforums.org/
Becky, that's a great find!    DO GET IT CHECKED at your local extension office. That's an absolute must for a used pressure canner.
So we have a playgroup in the morning with our AP group and I'm really hoping Rhyko is awake before 10am tomorrow... He slept in until 11am this morning despite going to bed at 9:45 (which is pretty early for him). He wet the bed about 7:30am and after getting him up to finish his potty and put a new wool down I thought he'd be up for good, but he asked to go back to bed.    I *know* we need to get an honest bedtime routine down for him to get to bed earlier... but every...
New Posts  All Forums: