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Oh, man! That really sucks, Nicole! I'm so sorry. 
Hello! I've caught up! I'm mostly going to be a catch up and type in the evening sort of group member, I think... I can't have my phone out around R or else he gets right cranky that he can't have it. And... day two of no napping, soo.... Doesn't help that he woke up at 11 AM!   I'd love to meet up with the locals!    I voted on the poll. One thing that does complicate moving to a private forum is exclusion. That was an issue I faced when making a private forum for a...
Thank you, Jaimee! Yes, that's precisely what I mean.    I made some GF clam chowder tonight (with mussels because they were local) and it was DELISH! We are going to the coast to go clam digging and I wanted to try out the recipe before we use the clams we dig. 
Oh, and we didn't do anything super special for R's birthday in September. DH's parents flew in for the week and we went to the zoo on his actual birthday. I hate the zoo. I'm so against it, but R had a great time. We didn't buy him any gifts, but I made him a birthday crown. I worked on a birthday ring for him but it didn't get done. You'd think with two other adults there to help watch him that I would have had time, but I used every ounce of downtime during that week to...
You lot sure are chatty!    Nicole, I totally feel for you. I think Abra said it best - YOU are not broken, our birthing system is. I joined Solace for Mothers and found a lot of help there. For me, only time has healed the hurt.    Yay Joanie for the positive interview!   Jaimee, we've been sick twice already this year. Once during the week DH's parents were in town for Rhyko's birthday and then again right after. It was Rhyko, me, DH, me, Rhyko, DH. We were sick...
 Thank you! I'm very glad to be back 
Oh, Mal... that's so sad, I'm so sorry. Congratulations on your new house. Are you all moved in? Thank you, Ash  I agree - we are really so close to each other we should get together!
 I'm so sorry you've been unhappy, Jaimee. Are you feeling any better, now? Do you have a local AP mom's group you're a part of?   Oh, jealous! Did you hire someone to finish your basement? I'm struggling with that... our basement is like 900 sqft and we need to fully drywall, texture, paint, put in ceilings, floors... who knows what else. I'm tempted to hire a contractor, but I know that will cost so much more and it will eat into our savings for buying! Yay for almost...
We are just moving to another house in this general area. I want room for chickens, pigs and a bigger garden. And no HOA. Omg I hate HOAs!
 Thank you! That's is from Gap... One of a handful of R's clothes that I have actually purchased new because it's so stinkin' cute! I bought it last year. I'm hopeful it will fit next year, too!! :)
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