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Wow, Namibia! I'd love to go there! Tell me more about that!
  This is a pretty low blow, J. There are a number of us on a GAPS diet (or similar) for very specific healing purposes. It is something that takes a lot of time and energy, not to mention research and reading, and is as important to me and your choice of diet is to you. For myself, I've read many, many books on traditional diets and GAPS and to have someone say that I've just been wasting my time with 'quackery', 'faulty logic', 'misinformation' and 'pseudo-science' is...
Amanda, please please please share your Indian recipes! I'm happy to cook all day. I already do! Haha.   I thought I'd had it all... but I've never had Raita!!!!! What is is served with??
Gorgeous and sunny here, too. I am so grateful for it!! :)
Thank you, Abra :)
I tend to think people have innate wisdom and in kids it's even stronger. Rhyko goes some days only eating veggies/fruit and nursing, and other days he'll nurse twice and eat all the meat he can get his hands on. They know what they need, I wouldn't worry! ;)
Today I'm grateful for....   LUSH. I'm getting a free henna treatment there today. You just have to buy the henna in store (or bring it if you have it) and they will apply it for no cost. Heaven!
Everyone knows you can subscribe to our whole board, right??? If you go here: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/17021/november-2011-due-date-club Click the 'Subscribe' button in the bar of options below where it says 'Group Discussions' and about the 'Start a New Thread' button.   Then all the threads will show up in your subscriptions, not just ones you've been active in. Which is helpful for new threads! :)
And, can I just say... we could forge the new 'The Farm' with just our DDC alone! The vast number of us interested in being midwives/doulas  AND living sustainably/off-grid is mind boggling!
Joanie, I love that you live in your favorite place and that you don't really have a bucket list because you've already accomplished the major things you wanted for your life! That's really great!    What is your bird knowledge about? Like bird watching? Do you have lots of feeders and bird houses in your yard? We just had our first hummingbird of the year the other day, I was so excited! They really like my catmint.   Are you and your DH planning to have another...
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