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Birdhappy (Joanie) I'm tempted to just completely copy your signature for myself because it describes me to a T!    ETA: Other than my bundle is  
I'm not on the list, either    LunaLady - Christina, 25, due 11/5 with baby #1 - A Boy! - Planning a home waterbirth! 
My DH LOVED being a Halloween baby. He said growing up it was so fun! He still loves it  He says it makes him immune to the whole 'black cat cross your path', 'walking under a ladder', etc. And his lucky number is 13   
My DH's birthday is on Halloween, so he's REALLY hoping baby comes on the that day. He's REALLY set on that 
Thanks for making the Sept. thread!!   Only 65 days until my due date.........!!!!!!    I'm getting a little impatient to meet my LO! 
Thank you!     
I am very interested in consuming the placenta after birth, and I think I'm likely going to go the smoothie route. I love smoothies and I've been able to sneak stuff into them that I needed to get down in the past (greens, powdered vitamins, etc) so I think I might be able to handle that.    How long does one take the placenta? A couple weeks?
Hello!    I think we have a lot in common! Not only from reading this, but also from recent discussions in the Aug. Chit Chat thread    I live just up in the Seattle area, so I totally understand loving this part of the country! I'd never be able to live anywhere else, I think. Maybe Alaska or Canada, but  the PNW is just lovely    I'd be interested in hearing more about the books you like - because I'm very interested in all those topics, too! Do you have...
I am SOO excited that we have two sets of TWINSIES in our group!!!    Love the bump, Eon! 
Oooh, you're right - I was a bit insensitive there with regards to the treatments. My bad!! I'm sorry about that. I have heard about it from her for quite a while, now, so I guess I'm just a bit annoyed about hearing about it. That coupled with her 'I'm the victim all the time' attitude about the whole thing. And yes, this is her first round of treatments. She hasn't been doing this for years.  And she knows I'm doing a homebirth and thinks I'm nuts for it. All she can...
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