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How about this? http://www.hannaandersson.com/style....1|2|24|141|5|| You can also look at their outlet if you are close and see if they have some cheaper. The gymboree outlet had a nice looking wool like coat too.. I didn't look close enough to see the price though since DD has 2 coats and 2 jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by InMediasRes What, just today? Hehehe.
The first line make me Quote: A desire to express yourself may come over you today and lead you to speak your mind freely. I feel this would get me in SO much trouble.
#4 was my easiest. He was born at home.. in a tub of water after 2.5 with just me and DH there. Of course DH was on the phone with the midwife who was in route and while in the middle of pushing I had to tell him to put the damn phone on speaker so he can use both hands to catch his son. For some reason that didn't occur to him. Midwife showed up about 5 minutes after he was born to cut the cord and all the other stuff. Hehe.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~pi What kind of a down comforter is light? Ours is huge and heavy and oh-so-wonderful for snuggling under. (I put Other.) Mine is light.
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonK The texting thing has always happened (a lot of the day and in the evenings a bit). They text a lot he's SAHD since he lost his job last year and recently has no car so he's pretty isolated at home with the kids as his wife works in PDX. She leaves at 3 am so takes the car. He says that all the private messages were with him and then she joined in later but I don't know when was who. Joe is ready to just cut it off...
Quote: Originally Posted by primjillie We had the neighbor's tree fall into our yard and on the house, and they were not responsible. Luckily, my insurance paid for it, but both insurance companies reported that the neighbor wasn't responsible since it fell in my yard. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but that is what happened. I would try to talk to them about trimming the dangerous branches or do it myself. ... but then again DH had a...
DD usually takes a PB&J sandwich, a fruit, maybe applesauce (she has snack and lunch) a granola bar, I used to send soy yogurt but she wasn't eating it. Maybe some nuts or crackers and two Lemonaid Trader Joe juice boxes. I also had to pack and emergency lunch and keep it in her cubby. Apparenlty I need a doctors note for her to not be served dairy at school. My word that she is allergic is not good enough.. becuase they everyone would be demanding something other...
Quote: Originally Posted by roomformore I like the weight of blankets, and a hot water bottle at my feet on those really chilly nights. Ohh.. I should get one for DH.. cause there is nothing I hate more than him trying to warm his cold feet on my legs.
Quote: Originally Posted by kaPOW! if he's texting late into the evening trying to convince Joe of something, he's got his own problems as well. that's too much drama for me. Hi Hedy! Maybe he is secretly in love with Joe and is stalking him like a spurned lover? :P Sara in case you weren't sure.. this is Tina! I was going to do that long ago before Hedy but I got side tracked and thought it would be redundant since my name is in my...
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