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Where do you find jeans that AREN'T low rise??? My 11 year old is moving up to Jr's sizes and I can only find low rise.. I am keeping her in girls as long as possible but she is wearing a 16 so that isn't going to be much longer. I went to her favorite store for shirts and they only carried low rise. And yea.. my 16 year old sometimes has a thong showing when she bends over.. but she tends to wear long shirts so it's just a symptom of low rise being the only jeans...
Just for the record.. in case anyone cares.. I hated it when my grandmother came over for dinner on Sundays. Really really really hated it. Maybe she just don't want to go over there every single Sunday for dinner.
Have they tried gripe water? Especially since someone mentioned it might be a digestion issue? My son used to get fussy at that age.. I would give him gripe water and he would let out a huge burp or fart and would be fine. (and I mean huge!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g I was that very car just two nights ago. I had both my angels in the car with me. I was annoyed as all get out, and the only thing keeping me from jumping out the window was thinking about how someday my little ones will be on that bus. I will be glad for the policy then. And I am equally glad they don't have such a policy here. Parents can meet their kids at the bus stop if they are that concerned. ...
Quote: For the first time teen girls have the highest gonorrhea rate in the nation, teen boys have the second. Approximately 400,000 teens have abortions every year. And according to UNICEF, half of all new HIV infections occur in young people 15-24 These have to be world wide statistics.. that is.. if they aren't being pulled out of their butts in the first place. The whole thing is disbursing to me. I had sex at 15... I wore nothing but jeans...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnnieA Oh you preggo ladies are making me really want a little one! Me too!! But DH put a stop to that!
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g My mother was very protective of me and I am the most independent person I know. That said, NO, I would not let a six year old walk home alone, and I am surprised that the bus would drop her off that far from her house. In our school district, a bus will stop at EVERY.SINGLE.HOUSE to drop gradeschoolers off right infront. Its just their policy, and I like it. I haven't read past this post.. but this...
Quote: Originally Posted by jess_paez I know! I never understood this either..thankfully my parents never did this, but I have seen it so much in others. Yea.. my parents do this... Baby bro is the top.. I am the middle (actually I think I am third behind my oldest daughter she thinks is hers) and my other bro (the middle child) gets the short end of the stick.
Quote: Originally Posted by sisteeesmama My dd is 2. Someone she really oves and likes to be around is in treatment for sex addiction and I don't know the specifics surrounding this. Should I be alarmed? Would you let your dd stay the night there? I wouldn't let my 2 year old stay the night anywhere. The only reason my 2.5 year old stayed the night at grandma's this summer was because I was in the hospital and it was kind of necessary.
My only son is three but after some googling it seems to be normal. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Child-B...ns/show/278686
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