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I HATE HATE HATE READING LOGS!!! Matter of fact.. I hate anything where my child's grade depends on me remembering to sign something or them remember to give it to me to sign at at the last second. My my oldest was in Middle school the reading logs were printed out with about 6 weeks worth on a sheet of paper. You cut off the one for the week and turned it in filled out and signed. I took the stupid sheets as soon as she got them and signed them all. She...
Quote: Originally Posted by JacquelineR are you on adrenal support? if your thyroid is apparently okay, oftentimes it's adrenal. No.. but I was sure it was thyroid becuase of the tightness in the throat thing. . Bah. This comes and goes however.. maybe it's just allergies. I will check the adrenal thread.. as well as the Candida thread.. if it's still floating around.
OK I have the results.. TSH is really low.. 1.109 (reference .300-4.000) T3 total is 133 (reference 60-181) T4 is 8.3 (reference 4.5-10.9) Sigh.. so off to find something else that my symptoms fit I guess.
My results are "normal." I am picking up the copy later today to see exactly "what" normal is.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thalia the Muse I have ghastly handwriting. I attribute it to being lefthanded. Kids will always need to learn and use cursive, as long as we the parents force them to write thankyou notes. My handwriting is great.. I am left handed.. (unless by handwriting you mean cursive which I don't use.) I don't know what thank you notes have to do with anything either. I don't write them, so I don't force my child to...
Quote: Originally Posted by JSMa I'm just curious... is it standard now to teach reading in kindergarten? Back when I was that age we were not taught to read until 1st grade, same with my younger sisters. DSD is in kindergarten now and they are teaching reading. Mostly what they call "sight" words. Anything that can be sounded out with the just the phoenetics of the letters, for example "tip". DSD learned the alphabet in Pre-K and was pretty...
I don't have much to complain about. DD's K teacher is great. However I do wish I knew what was going on in class more. Her blog hasn't been updated since Oct. 8th and she never sends notes home. I have no idea what is going on in class. Toped with the pick up/drop off at the curb thing.. I only see her when I pick up DD and there is a HUGE line behind me so we need to move right along.
Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby I wanted to write back and say "Well, I'm sure wherever you end up going the host will be the one deciding who's invited." I wonder for how many more years this petty, ridiculous crap is going to continue. Umm.. Probably forever. My mom hasn't grown out of it so I wouldn't expect your sister too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Linda on the move Tell grandma no more toys, but that you would LOVE to put the money in savings bonds for the kids' college. Talk up how great it will be when they are 18 and still happy about what a great grandmother she is. Our credit union is offering 10% on CD's for children under 12 right now. The deposits need to be between $100-$500. I would MUCH rather see something like that than a million gifts. And if...
I have learned with my MIL who is famous for tuning me out and even mocking me regarding safety issues that the only way to go was to be VERY blunt. I WILL NOT allow these things in my house. It/They are unsafe for my children and I will throw them away.
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