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I think instead of telling your DD that it is inappropriate to do in front of others, you could phrase it a little differently. For instance, "touching yourself like that is a private act and should only be done when you are alone. Please go in your room and close the door if you wish to continue." I also thinking telling herself to be gentle so she doesn't hurt herself is OK.. but really if she was hurting herself.. she wouldn't do it. Your doing a great job momma.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluebunny I think budgeting is a big one. My parents started us off early by giving us an allowance and requiring that we put a certain percentage in a jar for "savings." Also, I think learning how to grocery shop is another important thing to know. For instance, my mom would send us to the store with a list and coupons and certain amount of money. We had to learn what were good prices for certain items -- produce, for...
Quote: Originally Posted by runnerbrit There are 2 immediate paths. 1. Natural Consequences - Allow the friends parents to press charges (if the choose). In CA this means that if the jdge finds him guilty he will face 6 months in the CA Youth Authority. Additionally, because it is considered a felony it will stay on his record. If he was younger the juvenile record would seal. But, according to an atty they consulted this would remain on his permenant...
s I saw Rudolph on halfway through last night too. I quickly turned it to something else. My three and five year old don't quite get that you can't just rewind everything. So I didn't want to deal with it. I am sorry it hurt you that he said that.. I remember at that age telling my mother I hated her. I don't remember why.. she wouldn't let me do something. I think it is just the age.
Quote: Originally Posted by tireesix Any thoughts? Yea.. I would not send that. To me none of that stuff is important enough to risk the trust this kid has in you. His mother doesn't seem to care anyway. I would simply try to get physical custody of the kid and go from there. A lot of these things wont be issues if he is living with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by MadiMamacita i think the x-out has been available for a month or 2? so at least you havent been missing it for like a year or anything! Hehe.. yea but that swine flu thing has only been up there for a few months. I am just glad it is gone now. Now I can tell if the page actually refreshed without scrolling down past all that stuff.
I have never in my life had one. I also have not painted my nails in over 17 years. (there was some report that it was dangerous while pregnant when I was pregnant with my oldest and I never pained my nails again.) I cut/trim them when they get jagged but that is about the extent of my nail care. It's just not very high up there on my priority list.
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeen Thanks for saying something! I didn't realize I could X them out either. Hehe.. well at least I am not the only unobservant one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thalia the Muse It amazes me that the KIDS drop the cursive -- once you know it, it's so much faster than printing! I hate cursive.. I have always hated cursive. I don't' think it's any faster either.. and it strains my eyes to try to read it. MIL's stuff gets tossed it's such a PITA to read. Besides.. thats what computers are for.
How long have I been able to X out the annoying swine flu report and the spot light section??? (the swine flu was annoying.. the other thing.. just in my way.) I just noticed it this morning as I was trying for the 500th time to get get a friend request I already accepted to go away. Hehe.
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