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Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka while you can count on child support (look for an online calculator online) you likely will not get alimony or spousal support of any kind. I think it is a bit naive to believe you can count on child support. I have never seen a penny in 16 years. My cousin gets sporadic checks.. like maybe a grand total of 100 a year. NEVER count on child support.
Quote: Originally Posted by eepster It's in post #32. Thanks. I totally missed that post.
Did I miss the shopping addiction?
Yes.. everyone has migrated to facebook. Just don't add your inlaws and make sure your settings are set to friends only and then they can't "listen" in.
Quote: Originally Posted by annalivia T If only I could grow lightning bugs and thunderstorms in our back yard. You can keep the thunderstorms.. but man what I wouldn't give for some fireflies!!!! They are so cool! Growing up in Cali I have only seen them a handful of times.. and they would probably freeze to death here in Oregon. But cheer up. It's supposed to be in the upper 80's later this week! Personally as for the beach house...
They are two different things. My cookbooks have recipes for frosting and icing and they are not remotely the same. I very rarely use icing. (in speech or reality. )
Quote: Originally Posted by limabean Really? Around here (in CA), a green curb (often seen in parking lots) means there's a short time limit for parking there (10 to 20 minutes -- the exact time is painted on the curb). Yellow means it's a loading zone and you can stop there but can't leave your car. I'm not sure if red always means no parking or stopping, but I always assume that's what it means and just don't stop at all in red zones. Hrmm.. I...
I would never buy cloths at a thrift store. I donate everything used my MIL gives to my kids. I would have no problem however wearing cloths given to me by a family member or friend. Even a co-worker as long as I liked them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosedotcom I'm pretty sure that red means no waiting, parking, or stopping. I think green is for waiting. I guess it can't hurt to fight it but I don't think you are legally in the right. I have never seen a green curb in my life. Also as for the stopping vrs. parking. I have always been told the car had to be running. Although I know someone who got a ticket even with the car running. When he went to put the car...
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