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Quote: Originally Posted by Autumn Breeze Can you not print off a label from USPS.com? No their stupid website doens't work right with Linux. Last time DH tired to use it, they charged us $75 FOUR TIMES even though he clicked the button, No this did not print, do not charge me. We never did get the postage..but the bank reversed it. (DH has a scale and this was a have package.)
Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby There's typically a clause in the contract that allows the buyer to back out within a certain timeframe, like 10 or 15 days, with no penalty. We did that with one house. We did have to put money down with the offer, but we got it back when we pulled out. If this clause was in either of our contracts.. I was never told/aware of it. And we had awesome agents both times.
Quote: Originally Posted by enkmom Everyone I knew took Disco lessons at the YMCA, even though we were too young to see Saturday Night Fever. . I saw it in the theaters the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade. I think it was released the year earlier. It was a double feature with Grease. We went with the neighbor kids.. my mom was at work of course. I am going to have to watch this movie again to see if it is something I would want my 8 year...
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquesce Mine do, but they're rural route carriers ... I don't know if that makes a difference. We used to beconsidered rural routes (even though we are in city limits.) But I don't think we are anymore... Since they got mail trucks and stopped using their own cars... Hehehe. Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy Does your post office have a vending machine? Nope..never seen...
Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy I thought the new bionic woman wasn't very good and too similar to things that have just "been done" too much of late. It was like Alias/darkangel but bionic. My earliest memories contain John Lennon getting shot and Elvis dying. I remember my parents voting...against Reagan. Dark Angle didn't last all that long either. And I have never seen Alias.
Yes.. well.. I only have the 37 cent stamps. I never mail anything. DD wants to mail a picture to a friend from preschool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Amarantha *peeks in* May I join? I'm Kate, 22 years old, and 16 weeks pregnant with my first. I have never gotten along with my mother--I was always daddy's little girl and I still have a very close relationship with my father, but things escalated greatly when my parents got divorced when I was 10. My mother was raised in the Catholic church, but she became fanatically devout after the divorce (ironic, neh?) She is...
Quote: Originally Posted by mataji4 It must make a difference where we all live...there is no way I could spend $400 or 500 on food in a month. Food is more expensive here than in other places I guess. I don't buy snack foods at all- my kids eat lots of apples, carrots, and I make popcorn and tea every day at 3. I think the cheapest I can get it down to is about $150 per week. We do eat almost entirely organic, though. It's one of the things we...
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I wonder-- do postal workers ever carry stamps you can buy? I dunno. DD's GS leader is a carrier but she isn't answering her phone.
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I don't think so. Otherwise, everyone could just tape money to their envelopes and no one would buy stamps. Sorry. I know it's a PITA to go get stamps. Obviously.. since I haven't bought any in more than 5 years.
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