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I only have 37 cent stamps. Yes it's been a LOOOONG time since I bought stamps. If I tape 7 cents to the front of the envelope do you think the postal carrier will take it? I mean.. they can just pick up the stamp there right? DH doesn't want me to waste a whole 30 cents by putting two stamps on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad What's the green M&M thing? Quote: Originally Posted by 1littlebit wow .... there were lots of superhero TV shows... apparently we have moved onto to forensics... i think i prefer superheros http://www.snopes.com/risque/aphrodisiacs/mandms.asp About the super hero TV shows. They tried to remake the bionic woman about two seasons ago. It was pretty good too.. but as...
Scary in what way? I wasn't quiet as old as you are asking, I was born in 1970... but I don't remember it being scary. I watched the bionic man, wonder woman, the bionic woman, star trek. the electric company, Sesame street, Mr Rogers all on our 13 inch TV! I loved green M&M's and I had no idea what that was supposed to mean then, my grandma had a party line for her phone, and TV dinners came on aluminum trays. I remember the bicentennial, whebbles were much...
Quote: Originally Posted by AdinaL *snort* Nice. I doesn't mean I don't love you all. I do read the notices up top.
Yea.. I never look there.. I scroll right to the "real posts."
Quote: Originally Posted by LiLStar I live in the same state as you. The two we backed out of, at the time, we DID think we wanted to live there! We just changed our minds after sleeping on it. We never had to put down earnest money until after our offer was accepted, and it was only $1000. Maybe its because we had an FHA loan? Well the earnest money went with the offer, but the check wasn't cashed until it was accepted.(We had one seller we...
My god.. as I read that I figured it couldn't get worse!! But it did! "I just thought you were chubby?" I wouldn't have paid either. And I would report him to anyone and everyone I could think of! That is just horrible!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by LiLStar I can't comment about what is and isn't normal since we've only worked with 1 realtor 1 time.. but just wanted to mention that if you see a house you like there's no reason not to place an offer same day. An offer isn't a commitment! We actually walked away from 2 houses after having an offer accepted. After a few days I just started freaking out thinking "thats NOT my house" so we just said nevermind. No biggie. 3rd...
Quote: Originally Posted by tayndrewsmama : Gentle posts only?
Thats freaking weird.
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