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Iron deficiency anemia is more commonly linked with high, not low, platelet count. It's a pretty complicated topic but story short, the response to a low platelet count is not to just give iron. It needs a detailed physical exam and more labwork. There is such a thing as mild thrombocytopenia of pregnancy, and that usually just resolves when the pregnancy is over.
Taxi, everyone has access to google and the capabilities to type in "causes of encephalitis". Not one of us have access to this kid's medical files or the ability to do the kind of public health detective work that answers the question of this particular 19 yo, gym going, male Utah resident's likeliest causes of his symptoms and death.
Lol! My food and environmental allergens certainly manifest partly as b!tchiness- nothing kills a good mood like swelling and itching!
There are so few details available that this is hardly worth commenting on. So what if the brain biopsy does show evidence of encephalopathy? There are many, many things that can cause encephalopathy.    Whatever the cause, that is a horrible story. I can hardly imagine the pain of losing a child like that. It's human nature to want to have something to blame.
I don't know if I'd even bother making plans for the next time around- each birth can be so different and second babies often take much less pushing than first babies. I personally ended up having little to no control about how I pushed. The pushing was more of a reflex than anything; my body just had its way. Intense!
Intent matters. I agree it should be illegal to organize pox parties, and I think parents who do so should be fined. That is purposely spreading infectious disease. It's a menace to public health and a huge jump from simply not getting your kid vaccinated. And sending infectious things through the mail is horrendous! I think people are trying to blur lines of something that is actually pretty clear. For instance, getting on a plane with mild flu like symptoms is one thing...
Glad for the existence of this thread. The student loans are staggering in my family, as it sounds many of the posters here are familiar with! Remember hearing "education debt is good debt"? Yeah me too. I'm not so sure about that. Both my husband and I are hammered with them. We are both newly out of training and making an impressive sounding income (him far more than me, because I work part time to be home with kiddo and because his medical specialty is just that way)...
The dark circles under his eyes could very well be "allergic shiners" :) And the red mark on his cheek could be from him rubbing at his nose? It all makes me think more of environmental allergens than food, but it sounds like your son has a greater likelihood of developing allergies in general due to family history.    http://www.acaai.org/allergist/Resources/ask-allergist/Pages/Ask_the_Allergist-What_Are_Allergic_Shiners.aspx
Not my kid but me- I got a flu shot last week. The spot was sore for a few hours and then was fine. Here's to hoping they got the strains right this year
That is not how antibiotic resistance works. YOU don't become resistant to penicillin, the bacteria does. 
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