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Doing pretty well here. Milk is in, like really in. Yesterday my right breast was full clear up to my collar bone and well in to my armpit! Ya always know you hAve breast tissue there from being Taught self exams but I never realized I could be full of milk clear to there!! Jeepers engorgement! And I was worried about supply after cesarean!? Ha! Anyway, babe does cluster feed in the early evening which also leads to cluster diapering... Like 6-8 changes from 9-12 at night!...
I can't get a pic to posy for some reason but would like to announce my new arrival! Korbin joined us yesterday at 720 pm and weighed in at 7lb2oz and 19". He came via unplanned csection after an hsv outbreak risked me out of my home birth plan. Though this was not my plan I had a beautiful birth. Korbin was given to me for skin to skin immediately and I even got to experience him doing the breast crawl and nursing while my surgery was completed! They delayed his cord...
Vasectomy here!
Best wishes for babies to do what there supposed to, stay in longer and cook or push through to the air when it's time! Hugs to everyone in these final and tense weeks! I'm 36 weeks today and have been having BH regularly for weeks now. At my appt today I'm 1cm and effaced about 50-60% which actually means nothing, lol! So hubby came home n we DTD about an hour ago and have had some stronger BH. I just wanna keep making that cervix ripen so when time comes it can open wide...
Congratulations and I'm so glad things are going well for you both! Snuggle that little lovely one with all you've got and I'm sending warmth and love for a speedy recovery!
I'm finding myself utterly annoyed by my four year old's snuggles all the sudden. Like being touched around my belly is Uncomfortable and annoying. But I love that he wants to love the baby so much. He keeps asking when baby will come so he can make him smile. So sweet but the touching is annoying me!
I did paintings for each of the women who attended my blessing way and plan to do the same for my midwife.
Two days of R&R, much to my children's dismay and my BH are much less frequent now. I'm back to where I started this pregnancy though where an afternoon nap makes a world of difference. Yay for naps.
BH are annoying for sure. I hope I get a break from them soon. When they start getting painful I will be getting excited for babe to come!
The bengkung helps restore your prebaby shape even shrinking the hips and supports your back while your abs are weak . The oils sooth the skin and smell sweet! The oils and binding combined keep mama warm and soothed during recovery from delivery and pregnancy. I've tried the stretchy Velcro binders before but they didn't lay right and I think being stretchy made them kinda useless for me anyway. Looking forward to the bengkung this time.
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