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This sounds like a good idea.  My goal is to work out 4 times a week.  This is my second baby and with my first, I worked out about 4 times a week and still gained a lot of weight (amost 40 lbs).  I never lost all of it, and I would really like to gain less weight this time (another 40 lbs would be too much on my body, I think).  But hearing from other pregnant moms is a good idea.  I have done 3 workouts this week and I ordered a prenatal DVD from Amazon (which...
My OB said not to go over 160 beats per minute, but I read elsewhere that even that is outdated.  I did CrossFit for a little while after my first, but it was really tough!!  Now I just run, but I should do weights, too.
thanks.  good things to take into consideration.
I am planning to have a vaginal birth for this second baby -- my first was an emergency c-section and pretty dramatic.  There are very few providers in my area that will do VBACs but I found one midwife and a group of physicians that will support VBAC's.  The HBAC seems like a great idea, but I am honestly scared of the risks associated with home birthing.  Anyone out there done a VBAC at home?  VBAC in the hospital?  Pros & cons?  Thanks
thanks for the info... we're thinking about TTC soon and I can't seem to find a doctor who will do a VBAC.  FL does not allow VBACs in birthing centers (???), so it would have to be one at home if I do it with a midwife.
my pediatrician is into natural healing/organic foods -- making sure the baby eats the right things, etc.  he explained that babies have a difficult time with their intestinal flora when first born, so some foods will result in toxins going through the intestines that can go into the brain.  he said a study showed that yogurt should not be introduced until 12 months... it seemed strange because so many parents give yogurt before 12 months... so that's why i was wondering.
When is it ok to give babies cow's milk yogurt?  My pediatrician says not until one year old, but I have heard a lot of other moms doing it already. 
hi!  i'm looking for similar friends!  i have an almost 8 month old baby and live in central florida. 
as it turns out, i noticed some white spots on my LO's little penis... i thought it was an infection of some sort.  took him to the doctor who said that it is some kind of penile adhesion which can be avoided with some retraction... so... seems like retracting isn't so bad after all.
i only work out a couple of times a week.  my husband supports me and helps me with LO, so I can do this.  i find that short workout videos, like jillian michaels videos, are effective and not time consuming.
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