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a half hour or so south of Allentown is Telford.  It may be a bit far for you, but there is a place there called Hendricks Farm that sells from a store that is on-farm. They sell raw milk, pastured pork, beef, chicken, etc.  It may be far for you but they have a bulletin board up for those interested in forming co-ops and taking turns driving.  I would guess there is already some sort of Lehigh Valley group.  I see license plates from NJ, etc when I shop...
One other thing to look at is vitamin d levels and magnesium.  There was a recent study showing glucose control/developing diabetes later in life could be traced back to low d3 levels a decade earlier.  There are some studies out there about magnesium and calcium balance affecting the development of the follicles with PCOS too IIRC.  I believe low magnesium has been tied to insulin resistance in the past.   I've never tried D-chiro inositol but have always been...
Scalloped turnips with carmelized onions has been on our Thanksgiving and Easter menu for a few years now.  Pioneer woman has a version of this, and then I found the version I make on the lowcarbfriends website.  Yummo.   You boil the turnips w/ a little cream first and that cuts the bitterness.  Really yummy baked in a cast iron pan. 
Quote: Originally Posted by rhianna813 Ooooh also want to add that a farm near my house has it's season close out sale right after Halloween. I was able to go on the first day. I got: 4 large acorn 6 delicata 4 spaghetti 3 butternut 6 large onions 3 large bell peppers 1 gallon apple cider $20!!! Rhianna SWeet!
For shepherd's pie, I love delicata squash in lieu of potatoes on top. I definitely prefer it to cauliflower. I peel and cube the delicata (and remove seeds). Boil til tender, drain. I mash with cream cheese (not so paleo I guess...), salt, garlic powder. No extra liquid or it gets too runny IMO. I actually prefer this to traditional potatoes on top. My DH doesn't really love squash but loves delicatas this way as do my kids.
I have PCOS. We went through IF treatments to conceive my oldest child 7 years ago. I have had two more children since that time through lowcarbing/primal/paleo type eating and using metformin, even though I'm not overweight. Keeping insulin in check is absolutely key for my health. No doubt about it. If there was one bright spot, it was that PCOS has helped me understand more about my health and helped my parents as well. Both of my parents have markers of...
If she would be accepting of it, Gotz dolls are well made and the 18 inch ones can wear the same clothes, etc. as AG. DD has a Gotz purhcased on megasale. They are not inexpensive, but they are often less $$ than AG. In the past Tuesday Morning carried a lot of them on super sale but that was a few years back...not sure if they still do. Gotz apparently made the AG dolls for a number of years. Nice quality hair etc. Look at the Gotz Precious Day dolls.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marimami OMG.. lilcrunchie! i thought I lost you.. just sent you a pathetic PM.. we miss you guys so much!! Holli Just sent you an email and a PM
We're thinking about this too. I would love more people to buy from the co-op thing because I'm not sure i'm ready to jump at full price. We downloaded one single episode to try and L. liked it. It was one on growing food and I think it got into sustainability and stuff a bit?. It was 8-9 bucks for the single episode but I wanted to try it first.
I wanted to respond as I called Dr. Nice's office today to see if they participated w/ our insurance (they do). However, they are not planning on seeing patients under age 12 at this time. I was hoping they would see young children She may be someone Dh and I will see but I was hoping for a family practice doc we could all see. I saw her ad today in the Courier free paper thing that comes in my mail and decided to finally call. I'm kind of bummed. If anyone...
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