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nak- I have considered ECing a few times but have never really dug into the idea all that deeply. Dumb question, but if you continue as they get older and start to signal to you, do they get frustrated if you are out and about and can't get to a potty? Something I've always wondered...probably a dumb question but I didn't know if say an 8-9 month old would get annoyed, upset, frustrated etc. if it wasn't a convenient time/place to EC, kwim? Do they then not want to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Plummeting YI also have oversupply problems, I believe. I did w/dd1 and the symptoms seem similar now - diaper rash just where the poop touches on the way out, choking, gasping, pulling off, and clicking while nursing, occasional green, foamy, and/or mucousy stools, dd seems like she has some tummy pain, etc. I'm trying my best to manage it, but this is nervous territory for me, since obviously I don't want to reduce my supply...
Congrats! So sorry for the loss
woohooo!!!! so glad she's finally here!
Congrats!!! How wonderful!
Quote: Originally Posted by cocoanib I just wanted to chime in and let you Mama's know, were all here for you! I hope your holding your sweet babies soon! I'm sure we would all love to have you stay on as march mamas no matter when your little ones arrive!! I don't get to reply much these days with babe in arms, but I check in every day to see how the rest of our DDC is doing!!
With my last two we CD'd from the get-go and had no problems w/ mec. at all. Even if you get some staining, it will likely sun out.
Congrats!! That's a big bouncing baby girl!!! Enjoy those newborn snuggles, mama.
No weepiness yet but I'm sure it is coming. The weather here has been *really* nice which helps. DS was born in February (in PA, so it was still pretty cold), and DD in December, so this is my warmest weather baby (and we live in NC now so march here is quite a bit warmer than it was when I lived in PA). Getting outside really helps my mood. For now DS is still so sleepy and low maintenance that things haven't been too bad at all for adding a third to the family,...
New Posts  All Forums: