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New to Il and need a pedi or primary care in Peoria Il.
I need a place to birth unhindered. I moved to a new place and I don't actually have ANYONE BIRTH FRIENDLY HERE. I would travel if there is somewhere I can go to birth naturally and normally-without interference-I'm due around Xmas
I am in the Baltimore City and bneed to see a chiropractor as soon as possible. Thank you
ty very much. I have seen quite a bit of bullying and ultimatums by Drs here in Md so thanks for that info.  
Thank you very much!    
I chose to be a single mom but have had a few financial setbacks all back to back. My house was broken into -cost me $700 .Truck broke down another $700. I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle then fell again down them a couple weeks later.and sprained my whole body . I am a massage therapist and couldn't work . My hand is still injured but I can work, ankle better.Feelin' sore from last fall down the stairs.I 'm 26 weeks pregnant My business is very slow and I...
thank you. our country is becoming so fascist . ppl losing rights left and right regarding birth and vaciines. it had me a little worried.
Is the form just for schools? what about at day care, or even at doctors offices. I'm concern bed CPS will be called and try to force vax or take my baby. Ithere are non vax groups on Fb . i bet they know all about this.
thanks maybe i can ask vital statistics    
some states limit the number of names you can list on the birth certificate
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