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We've just recently entered the mega tanturm stage and it isn't making things easier! How do I handle/encourage him to do more things for himself when he clearly doesn't want to? Last night was a prime example. He was walking through the living room and fell. I could tell that he wanted to be comforted after the fall but instead of coming to me, he just sat there and whined. I held out my hand and tried to entice him to come to me, be the whining ecscalated into...
When DS started solids, I started offering him a sip of water from a shot glass. It was the perfect size so he didn't have to tip his head too far and I could see through it and knew where the water was in relation to his mouth. Now he drinks from an open cup with no issues. Except one: he loves to pour water on things! So for now we only use an open cup when in a pinch becuase it would be a game of watering the house and mommy having to marry her mop! We love our...
I went paperless during my husbands last deployment and really enjoyed it. When he returned he took over our finances. We had a few mishaps with bills being sent to my email and me trying to relay it to him. There was even a time when he'd forget to check his email account ( he has multiple ones for various jobs) and a bill would go unnoticed. After about 2 months it became very clear that paperless just wasn't for him. We've made little system that really benefits...
Could someone please point me to a place where I can order some. Or would someone like to send me a few of their extras? I can pay shipping!
Thanks for the replies!! I started a quart sized jar last night. Tomorrow I'll taste one to see how it's going. Super excited!
 I get very moody but more along the lines of a short temper rather than crying. I also get fairly depressed but I think that feeds my shortness. For physical symptoms I get very constipated. This is the symptom I hate the most because the 2nd day of my moon is spent in the bathroom feeling the urge to poop with every cramp. I'm going to start taking some EPO to see if I notice any differences.
 This is a great thread!! Everyone wants me to cut DS's hair but it's so beautiful that the though makes me want to cry. I'd post a pic of his hair for you but I'm on my iPhone, plus his haisis very shaggy. I can't wait to see what others post!
Thanks! Where could I find grape leaves?
I'd really like do make a small batch (1/2 gal) of pickles this weekend as a practice run before this summer. Right now my grocery store doesn't have pickling cukes available so would those shrinkwrapped English cukes work ok? Would I do anything special to them? Also is it possible to make pickles without added herbs? I used to eat these pickles, which I assume were lactofermented, as a kid. I'm trying to reproduce them and I don't remember herbs in the jar. Thanks...
 Ive tried to get DH on board with the idea of starting our own commune. I have the perfect vision in my head even! Unfortunately he doesn't exactly see it. He is too "business-minded." if it doesn't make him money, it isn't really worth it. Oh well, it can be my plan for the next life!
New Posts  All Forums: