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Well, it's that time of year again.  We are seeing our friends getting ready for school in a couple of weeks and our schedule doesn't change much.  We make time for learning and playing every day, but it seems like there are less people with time to play when the school year starts.  There is a homeschool group in Bozeman, but it is mostly religous and not highly social.    To top it off, we moved not too long ago and most of our close friends live in other parts of...
I think presents are just fun to give and receive.  Someday, the kids who don't get presents or learn how to give good gifts in a thoughtful and meaningful manner are going to be talking to their friends about how weird their parents were.  "Oh my gosh, I was deprived of BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!"  LOL, I'm sorry, but why on earth would you not want to participate in gift exchanging.  (this is a rhetorical question, no need for snarky answers).....it's silly. Even if you...
Waving back from Belgrade! Love you Crunchy!  
  I live in Belgrade, homeschool my 7yr old boy.  We just moved here in November and we love meeting new people.  You can give your friend my email address.  I also have a couple of friends in Townsend.  It's a small world, especially in Montana, we probably know some of the same people!  We love to play at the spray park, so let me know if you want to get together when you are in town!  bumpkinjones@hotmail.com   Sarah  
I PMed you.  I live in Belgrade.
 Hey Crunchy! Thanks for thinking of me.  I excited for you to be back in MT, too! Have a safe trip and hopefully I will see you in a couple of weeks!  Can't wait to be chasin' chickens.
Maybe it is as simple as something like she doesn't like the messiness of wiping herself.  Maybe she doesn't want to go in the toilet because she doesn't want to wipe and get poop on her hand.  You could try just letting her know that it's OK, and you will help her wipe her butt and then let her take a bath after. 
Thanks Cindy Cindy   We are on the BHN yahoo group.  It's a great group, but seems a little slow with the holidays and all.  I think it picks up again when everyone is over the holidays.  We also do legomaniacs at the library in Bozeman, so that has been a lot of fun.     I'm hoping to meet some other home/unschoolers in the area who would like to just get together and play.  My son is an only and we have a lot of fun and do quite a few activities, but we need...
Hello, thanks for the reply.  I did do a post in the tribe forum for Montana, no response yet but I'll just keep my fingers crossed! 
Hey everyone!   We are unschoolers, our son is 6.  We are looking for other unschoolers to connect with in Belgrade/Bozeman Montana.  We like to do a lot of different things from outside adventures, to legos, to video games.   Anyone interested in a group for unschoolers/relaxed homeschoolers in Bozeman/Belgrade?
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