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Background: After 3+ years of infertility treatments (lots o drugs) + stress + pregnancy loss + generally down in the dumps, I finally decided a healthy me was more important than wasting another five years TTC. So in April, I started birth control pills (the long cycle ones where you only get a period once every three months), physical therapy for a neck injury and appreciating the family I have.   By June, the BCP's resolved screwed-up cycles, water retention, and...
Hi there. I am not quite in the same boat, but I am trying to lose weight for the first time in my life at age 35 and kinda TTC with secondary infertility. Anywho, I have read and been told by doctor's that losing 5-10% of excess (above "normal" BMI) improves your chance of BFP. I can't recall exactly what the ideal body fat percentage for fertility is, but it is something in the middle of the "normal" BMI. As long as your weight loss does not take you under the "normal"...
BLUE! I am so so happy for you!
  Huh. I was at Target the other day and my 6 year old daughter wanted an unlined bralette kind of sports bra thing "just like her counsellors have". (Outdoor camp counsellors/swim instructors). I was having a hard time understanding why they were even selling size small (girl's 6-8) bralettes. I know the quote reasons above did not cross my daughter's mind. I don't think I really though of it either. I just thought it was a completely unneccessary wardrobe item, not a...
Waturmama - I thought that was just me! My DD has lovely curly hair. I was thinking the other day as I helped her fix barrettes "I hope the next baby has hair just like hers". There is no next baby in sight. But is was still a sweet thought, hopeful, not really sad, until I over-thought it. I never thought I would be a mother, now I am struggling to accept that I will most likely be a mother to just one child.
Hi chiromama - Congrats on your successful ART and best wishes for your family.   From time to time I do think I still have time if we choose to do another round of ART, but right now, it is too much. I am afraid to do it again.
Hi emski - A plan is a wonderful thing! I hope clomid works for you.   Hi keep - You know, I think the hope part is what drives me the craziest. I am usually such a logical, black/white, 1 + 1 = 2 person. Except with this infertility nonsense. We had DD without any ART or TTC really. So that can happen again. Right? You'd think 5 years of negatives would sink in, but it just doesn't.   Waturmama - How are you doing?
Hi ilovemygirl - Yeah. I'm 35. I really, really hope I don't spend another 5+ years like this. Hence the birth control pills. I needed to give up for a while. I used to me someone else before I had my DD and until we hit the "one year" TTC. I know I can't be that person anymore, but I need to stop letting infertility take over my life.
Hi Tiny - I wonder now how we managed to get our DD. We are dealing with secondary unexplained infertility. We are so lucky to have her.    I am not sure if there is anything that can take the place of this obsessing. Even focusing on enjoying time with my DD takes us places with lots of other kids/families. 
Blue! - I remember you! Sorry to hear that ART could not give you a happy ending.   Yarnista - Thanks for the well wishes. I really don't see this happening for us. Congratulations to you though.   I am actually on BCP now. I thought maybe if I made the choice to have no reason to obsess that my obsession would go away. So far, not so much. It has cleared up migraines and made AF bearable, which was the primary goal. I am also trying to establish a workout...
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