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okay, you're right, I was just trying to show another side to it, but I shouldn't have    
wow, blessings in your direction (no cheekiness)  
yes,  i hope so  
wow you're slick, you got me, i'm miseducated, ignore EVERYTHING ive said    
    thank you much, I actually have eliminated all possible allergens early on after he was born we also went through a variety of soaps and laundry detergents, we brought dairy back in bc it didn't look like the culprit, but he is still not doing wheat and most grains, or sesame seeds.
  i have ABSOLUTELY NOT NOT NOT stated that having children is EASY!, but it is selfish none the less, when choosing to bring life to this earth you are adding yet another mouth that needs to be fed, get a education, and a meaningful or at least decent job! this decision is (IMO) is not being thought of critically enough. Are you guys at all aware of what is going on in the world???? turn on NPR for one hour, listen to it in the background or something, I think miss...
ummm okay, i just want to say that you just dont "get it", and that's fine. Silly of me to even have said anything at all  
yes please do, if you ever have the time, im very interested  
I'm going to respectfully bow my way out of this discussion,  don't feel like arguing
  Okay, I respect your position Umm, okay, how do I rebuttal?? I definitely want to raise self- sufficient children but I don't think that my responsibilities to my children will ever end. I have two parents who conveniently felt that once I hit 18, I should have just figured it all out and support got cut off immediately the day I moved out. I don't want want to raise my kids having them believe that they are more important thing in the UNIVERSE, that would be an...
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