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I wrote about the above mentioned humbling miscarriage: http://memomuse.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/miscarriage-the-silent-empty-box/  
I have been humbled by infertilty and by the miracle of my healthy son and recently, a complete surprise, not even trying - pregnancy and then it turned into a miscarriage.  I am humbled by life and the beauty I see in people.  I am humbled by when I am most honest about my struggles as a new parent, a mom tells me how she has struggled and I realize I am not alone with my struggles, inner thoughts, or insecurities. 
I was really turned off by the comment about keeping score.  It's this lkind of that mom vs. this mom mentality which breaks our tribe. We're all moms and yes there are some shitty freaking moms out there doing some really bad things to their kids, but I believe the majority of moms and parents are trying to be better parents and love their children.  I can't put my finger on where the disdain and judgement manifests from, but it is there between moms.  Stop judging. ...
Is there a good website on teething?   
We are trying to transition from the bed to the crib with our ten and half month old.  We moved our mattress on the floor of his room and he does not want the crib.  He went to bed at 9:30 PM tonight. We have had some luck with my husband singing him to sleep at 8:30.  It's tough not having that time with my husband to snuggle.  I lvoe bed sharing and co-sleeping, but it really is tough with the bed times and my baby is waking me up in the middle of the night two to...
@ Katelove We have put a mattress on the floor in the baby's room.  He is crawling now so that is why we had to do something fast.  He was going to leap off the rasied bed we were all sharing in our bedroom.  We are now in his bedroom and he slept in the crib for two hours last night so we have started the transition.  I am really happy about the progress already.  He sleeps with us in the bed that is on the floor once he wakes up from the crib which we put him down in...
I hope I get more relaxed and more confident with baby two, but really I want that confidence with baby 1.  He is almost 10 months old and I find myself questioning everything I do if I am doing it right.  I have just done what feel natural and we still have no plan to get him out of our bed (we have been bed sharing).  It seems the plan keeps changing from bring the crib in the bedroom and try the transition to put the mattress on the floor in the baby's room and sleep...
I totally feel the same way.  In fact, I have avoided coming back to the forum because of that very same thing.  What I want is some confort and acknowledgement from other moms how hard it is having a baby and adjusting to this new human.  Thanks for posting this.  
sleep is a key. You have t get some sleep.  Sleep deprivation is so bad.  I don't remember the first three months I was so exhausted.
When did you start this process?  We are bed sharing and I need to start the transition.  I am just going along with bed sharing bc it is easiest thing and I don't want to have to read another book. Parenting books are overwhleming me these days.  Wll sometimes the whole mom thing is overwhleming.   I need to install bed rails (he is 9 months) or transition him to crib in the same room.  I feel like I need some transitioning expert consultant to come in and help me.
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