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Check out VT page...its has crossed state lines!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Pie *UPDATE* We've got em! Love watching this spread thru the states... so glad you've got them!!
Giggle, spread the love!
Hi friend!! for you!! Pm'ing you...
Quote: Originally Posted by MidwifeKW hey it is me, pox over on #3 (dd) and looking for more...ha found ya.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Pie Thanks so much again! DS had a great exposure to your SIL's daughter today. I will definitely update here if he starts showing signs in a few weeks. Crossing my fingers! Keeping mine crossed for you too -- I can tell you this one is a jumpy one with a high success rate!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mayree monocyte, what day are you on? it will be 3 weeks monday since exposure and my DD has no spots. this was our 3rd try, am getting discouraged we are on solid day 3. still some new ones this am, still some vesicles, but some have opened already. if you are up for today, we are home today, but Im thinking we are getting close to end of the window. we've had several visitors, and this strain seems to be fairly...
Quote: Originally Posted by 4babes This is so exciting! Is she open to visitors? I'll PM you. pm'd you back!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Pie Just send you a PM! I live in Burlington and absolutely would be willing to share them if DS happens to get them. He didn't get them the last time I exposed him, but maybe the second time's the charm! pm'd you back!
http://www.southshorechristian.org/ Anyone familiar with this school? I stumbled upon it the other day and am now curious. It's located close to Weymouth Landing.
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