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Quote: Originally Posted by Sweetmilo Monocyte, where are you? I'd like to expose my kids to it! South Shore MA
Is there such a thing in the north of Concord area? We will be spending time up there this summer, and my usual pick up down in Ma wont work some weeks. Right now I have an option for a 'box' weekly, they tell whats in it, and I can opt in or out for the week. Looking for something similar.
SIL took some pox from MA home with her, oldest just spotting today -- she's south of Burlington area.
have another case here!
Also have some -- South Shore/just south of Boston. Willing to share...pm me.
Many times, with 2 kids, no issues. They even have a nice family bathroom that is "guarded" with a tv. I used it several times with #2 who is very noise sensitive.
We played today, no real close exposure...but, I'm hoping just playing for about 45 mins will do it. If not, we will keep following the chain.
wow, i wish this was closer to me!!
I'm a biochemist turned med tech, and have worked with some harsh stuff in the past. What will you be working with? But, make sure you are gloved and under a hood first and foremost...sadly, I think there is still a big gray area when it comes to chemicals and exposure.
Does anyone see Dr. Luke Huber @ Huber Natural Health in Salem NH? Looking for a ND for my youngest who has lots of GI issues.
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