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Quote: Originally Posted by bemommy Totally! I had been so good about checking the FYT area. . but then got crazy busy (and tired) with school vacation week. Bummed that it looks like I might have missed this chance. I hear you...I was good for so long, and thought for sure our last exposure was good enough, lots of play, straws etc. But nothing!! I'm still hoping my SIL's kids get it in VT, and then we will def be going to visit...and...
Quote: Originally Posted by bemommy Are there any emerging cases in the MetroWest area (Natick, Ashland, Framingham. . . ) I would love to get DS exposed this year. Be, we need to get them together...road trip perhaps?? We've exposed both twice in the past 2 months and nothing...I wish I checked back here last week. Grrr.
Looking for some information about Fiji - anyone there?
Quote: Originally Posted by chlobo subbing b/c I'm in a similar situation except our appointment isn't until June. FWIW, we got into MGH next day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mammo2Sammo Chlobo who are you seeing? We had a terrible experience at Children's A mama new to this board is doing very well at Mass Gen. ugh actually I don't remember. I will find out and post here. That'd be me. We are seeing him and have been very happy with him. Not pushy, didn't give the whole "your poisoning BM" talk (but did say that it is hard, and really questioned my commitment, and that was end of...
glad this got bumped bc we discussed this with our GI as a possible diag for our DS...haven't read the whole thread yet, but...interesting.
I wish I was closer - that looks like fun!
You know, he told us to cut out corn. And for the first time, DS pooped and it wasn't mucus, and it wasn't foul, it was just poop. FORMED poop. :
We just went last week and had it done on myself and my 17 month old. It was, eh, interesting. He was totally right on, and did throw a few surprises my way. It was really cool to watch/feel it, and he knew nothing about us going in, but did right away know our issues. We are mostly going the medical route since my son does have hard core GI issues (malab issues), but...we see a very alt thinking pedi and she has sent us to very conservative specialists. I dont...
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