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nice to see some movement here! Thank you Cat for starting it. And Italiamom, if you are watching..hi!   Welcome SunnyMuffin (what a beautiful name you've picked) and Roman! 
i just saw this conversation between the two of you and teared up! it felt like watching two friends from a raw behind 
Love it when drs treat people as if they are all children! sigh. how is his leg now after vacc?
haha, I hear you cat! She gets mad and yells at me now when she sees me pump. At first I was not sure if she really was getting mad at me but seems like she knows what is happening (mama is stealing my milk).   Lately she is sleeping in late (!) so I can pump while she is sleeping but she leaves me next to nothing to pump (chomps down before I get up).    I just want to leave her a fresh batch before I leave but lately it is just an ounce or so.
i luv the coconut oil too, been using it to cook but not regularly - this gives me a good incentive to do so.       do you guys pump in front of your babes?
You are too sweet!     Nettles! You are still around! Yay for communicating w DH to make the feedings more efficient. If it makes you feel any better, i find that DD eats the most with DH...i think it is a father/baby thing :-)  So, coconut oil helps? I would like to hear about that.   Yay for more ladies being here! Do we know if there are any SAHMs pumping? It would be interesting to see how they are holding up. I started with 10-11oz than it went up to 12ish (freaked...
ooh, Tear,  I am too envious of the pumping break that is coming your way! Enjoy every minute of it.   Cat - 10-12 is my regular range (i know it is dependent on how much the babe eats) but just wanted to say that  - that is still a pretty good amount. I think you are doing great.    I know there are more of us working/pumping but feels like the traffic here is a bit low. I wish we could get it back up. I miss the ladies who are not on fb.
It has been a while since we did a mini check up on how everyone is doing with jobs/babies/pumping...   So how are you ladies?   AFM; Last two weeks, I am finding work to  be very stressful. Mostly due to work related stuff, but it is hard not to bring it home. I have been very careful but you know, added stress and I wonder if it is related to the little bit of decline in my milk production.    Other than that, the pumping has been going rather smoothly,...
I have not braved a bath for a while...she is squirmy! i remember saying that before...wait yes - third trimester I used to call her my squid baby :-)     lately night time nursing has been a bit of a circus act...She kicks her right foot when she eats, even on the high chair. new habit meets us in the bedroom, middle of the night while mama is blissfully sleeping...baby kicks away from the boob..kicks and kicks her way to papa - just the torso mind you, the legs are...
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