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we are going the opposite direction here...she used to sleep the minute we put her in her car seat. Lately she cries unless the car is in motion...people stare as I slow down a while back and slowly idle towards the red light to buy time. If this keeps getting worse (as it has been increasing), I think we are in trouble too.   if you cannot have the DH sit in the back, can you put a recently worn shirt of yours at close proximity so your smell is right there? I am...
i m waiting for the day when i will not be in tears after reading one of your posts :-) my SIL is due in november after two years of dealing with her empty arms after her sweet boy...awaiting for her sweet girl. you have helped me understand so much of what that must be like but of course i still feel like i know nothing. just wanted to let you know how the inspiration you put out here ripples through the universe.
EB...mama, that is awesome! There was no doubt in my mind things were going to work out for you, but not hearing from you was painful :-) She is yummy! I am so happy to hear you are savoring every moment.
italiamom, check to see if there is a "health advocate" company through the employer that you get the insurance through. http://www.healthadvocate.com/   they got my midwife covered, genetic testing paid and now working on the ambulance ride that the insurance wont pay.  
I honestly do not have an answer for you. I wonder the same thing, and as Carrie mentioned earlier pumping earlier in the morning helps since higher volume and for me it seems to replenish faster. I always check when she eats after I pump and she seems to be getting milk. Also, pump can not empty the ducts as affectively as the babes can so there is bound to be left overs (though some responds better to pump suction than others apparently). That said, I have read that...
Thanks for the link Carrie! It was truly humbling in terms of how much milk I would need to freeze up if I wanted to just feed her from the stash for couple of days! So far, I only have 32 oz in the stash :-)    pump pump pump i go..
we tried last weekend. it was a slow flow nip (playtex bottle), i watched from the other room as DH fed her. They did ok, she was taking it but not over excited, which is ok since she had just nursed. we will try again this weekend. i guess i just want to know it will work without putting too much emphasis on it. it will be interesting to see how this try goes - planning on going for it when she is hungry this time...   she is 6 weeks, 3 day today.
Becky, i hope things heal SOON and FAST! 
has any one pumped  in anticipation of antibiotic use? i m just wondering how much i would need per day if i was to take an antibiotic not safe for bfing and feed her from my stock?   also, how many ounces per pumping are you getting on average from each breast?   any suggestions?
i need a little pick-me-up humor today after the hellish day i had yesterday and thankfully, there is no shortage of it online   http://www.babble.com/pregnancy/pregnancy-products-gear/parenting-book-parodies-funny/      
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