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We are also just starting this with ds (5) and dd (7).   I feel like since it's their money and their learning experience, I should give them as much of my personal input as possible without placing too many restrictions -- except one: they each get $6/week ($3 if they haven't kept up with chores), and $1 of that goes to charity.  At the end of each month they can either go shopping or save it :)
Hey, I haven't been on here in FORever since my kids are getting older, but this is the first place I'd turn to if I were in need and I really need help for my sister!!! She has a 16 mo old ds who is very very attached, and at only 7 wks pg she is having bleeding and they've discovered a small subchorionic hemorrhage and has been told she can't lift anything larger than a gallon of milk. My sweet nephew isn't going to handle that too well, and neither is my sister - so...
Keira means black (celtic)
i feel so sorry for her, she sounds sad to let her cats go, that she does love them i am very disappointed that she can't get them altered first, though - here in our area there is a great free spay/neuter program via the county animal control center. unfortunately they have a wait list. i think the shocker is that some are pregnant - i'd think they would have some value. they are registered cats... so it makes my imagination run wild to think about why someone would...
I think she has a website - I'll look into that. It doesn't seem to me like she's the extreme you described. I think she has been a small hobby breeder who just can't do it any more.
Yes, that's a good idea. One of the big reasons this became a "no" for me, was that when I asked what kind of infection the kitty had that caused her to go blind, she wouldn't respond. I specifically stated my concern for my other cats, too.
sent you the ad - Okay, I've decided this is a bad idea... THANK YOU I'm realizing I may be biting off more than I can chew with this. For one thing, everyone in my house is sick right now! AND, I have access to healthy examples w/genetic testing who also need homes. Still - I want to do SOMETHING. I don't want her to know I'd have anything to do with it. People freak me out. Well, certain kinds of people do.
But now... I *am* thinking twice about it... DUH, ringworm + toddlers = hell
Yeah - I'm one of those nutters who feel they have to do *something* At least I know one of them will have a good home. I found a contact who's had good experience w/ her so I'm less freaked.
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