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Have you thought of putting colostrum in the eyes after delivery?  It has good antibiotic properties but is much less goopy.
My go to is always water play.  If the weather is fit we go outside to the water table.  If not I stand him up at the sink and fill it with water.  We talk about sink vs. float and use paperclips, corks, small toys, etc to experiment.  Sometimes I use food coloring and we talk about mixing colors.  You can add bubbles or shaving cream and practice writing letters.  My DS likes to use shaving cream in the kitchen sink and build train tracks through it.  I added glow...
Well, it seems like he was just offering you an induction.  As long as he didn't say "hey we have to induce for some random reason" and you have been happy until now, I think you are fine staying with him. 
I have to say I agree with you.  It is so manipulative.  I could type a big long post, but I pretty much agree with everything you wrote
So DS and I went and saw Santa.  He had a great experience and had the chance to play with some of the toys that Santa had in his "workshop" (we were the only kid there).  I asked him if he had fun playing with the dollhouse at Santas.  Now he seems convinced Santa is bringing it b/c he played with it while visiting Santa.  I have no problem with his having a "girl" toy, but I don't want him to want it just because I said something.  I don't want to get it for him only...
Is it sore?  Red and warm?  If not, then I would guess it's just a plugged duct.  Have you tried massage while pumping?  Sometimes that will empty the plug.  I know it sounds counter-intuitive but you might try some ice before you pump.  The ice will reduce swelling and make it easier to empty that duct.  Good Luck Mama!
I exclusively pumped for a full year.  I think I dropped to 4 pumps when DS was about 6 months old and dropped to 3 when he was around 8 months.  I was still producing milk at 3 pumps and it was plenty when combined with my frozen stash.  I dropped to 2 pumps at 10 months (morning and night) and was getting enough for 2 bottles a day.  I dropped to 1 pump and was getting enough for his bedtime bottle plus 2 or so oz to freeze.  I was able to keep up the 1 pump until a...
My son is fully vaccinated.  He has yet to require antibiotics.  I suspect he has had 2 ear infections.  I treated both with Motrin for the pain and rest and he was back to normal within a week.  What a ridiculous assumption.    OP, I think it was probably just a knee-jerk reaction making sure her kiddo was safe.  It seems like she's not really bothered by your decision not to vax but just cautious.
My son loved his water table at about 15 months old or so.  He wasn't really interested in the sand part but he loved to scoop and pour the water.  I found some measuring cups and a toy boat at the dollar spot at target and he played with them all summer.  If I had it to do over again I would get one that is just a water table.
Not a multiples Mama, but I wanted to link to this blog.  She EBF and CD's her trio and gives some excellent advice about managing with 3.  http://jennandtonica.com/
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