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I second the rock and play sleeper.  I'm telling you, it changed our lives.  My little guy would only sleep in arms when we were in a chair.  I mean, *only*.  Naps, all night, it was draining.  I got the sleeper and he did 5 hours overnight!  In a row!  I know you cosleep, but it might help with nap time. 
I had a huge SCH.  I bled like a period for 11 weeks.  I switched from the care of my RE to my OB at 14 weeks.  He did not care about the SCH since it had totally healed and it did not have any impact on my vaginal birth.  I ended up with pretty bad pre eclampsia though.  My OB felt they might be related since his belief is that pre-e is placental (which I find fascinating). I would probably let them know.  I can't imagine it would affect your VBAC chances.
I have a 20 month old boy.  He loses his ever loving mind right before a milestone.  Crying.  For no reason.  For hours.  Only now it's worse because he can talk so it's mamamama crycrycry mamamama.  Then the next day he'll do something new.   I took this picture when DS was 6 weeks old after a particularly trying day.  I gave it to DH when he got home and told him I wanted diamonds for mothers day. Hang in there mom, it gets better and much less frequent!  
I think you have gotten some very good advice here!  I wanted to reinforce the "rewarding" crying thing.  There is no such thing and over comforting a baby!  Do it!  Do not worry about what others say (which is so hard, isn't it).  You are teaching him that when he calls for you, you will show up.  That's an OK thing for you baby to learn.   One thing I have noticed is that my little guy has a huge crying jag like that when he's getting ready to have a milestone. ...
My EBF baby pooped a billion times a day for like a week.  Then he started going once a week.  We even introduced some prune juice at advice from the ped.  Worst idea ever.  When I just left it alone he was happy, healthy and pooped once every 10 days or so.  It was a ridiculous amount!  I would say by 4 weeks it was 1 poop every 7-10 days.  Will she poop on her own without a suppository?
My son is vaxd fully and on schedule.  I got the flu shot while pregnant.  There is no way I would be getting TDaP while pregnant.  If you are concerned get your booster after delivery.
Old Navy has a nice selection of 100% cotton T-shirts.  The slogans on their graphic tees leave something to be desired, but their plain and striped ones are inexpensive and 100% cotton.  They have a few pink striped ones too.  My DS doesn't care about clothes, but he is so into pink shoes! 
What about introducing water as a toy?  Sometimes I fill a dishpan with warm soapy water and take it outside for DS to play in it.  he Likes to use sponges to "clean" my patio furniture and he like to pour with measuring cups.  Maybe it will help her not be so afraid?  I would do a no pressure kind of thing . . . just fill it up and have it available for her.  Worst that happens is she ignores it.  He likes to play in the sink too.  I sit him on the edge with just a...
I have had 2 HSG's and a sonohysterogram.  The HSG's were very uncomfortable for me.  Bad cramping and uncomfortable for the rest of the day.  I needed the entire day off work (although, to be fair, I work on my feet for a 12 hour shift).    The sonohysterogram was much less uncomfortable.  The saline caused very little cramping for me and the whole procedure was less uncomfortable.  Also, an HSG uses dye and the study is done by Xray.  It's an uncomfortable...
For a cold, I usually do a dose or two of Tylenol during the day if he seems especially uncomfortable.  I think the Vicks infant rub is nice (ingredients are: Petrolatum, fragrance, aloe extract, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil) and seems the help clear his nose and the rubbing on the chest feels nice.  A hot shower is also good.  With Baby A's last cold, I showered with him several times a day.  The head from the water clears them up for a bit.  I just...
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