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I have good luck with Stride Rite socks.  My only issue is that they don't have grippers on the bottom.  They seem to stay put a little bit longer though and I rarely find random ones in the car. 
Forgot to add that I found this http://www.teenygreenykc.com/Baby_Bug_Spray.html last year when I was looking.  I have no info other than the ingredient list is rather mild looking.  
We used the OFF fan last year.  I felt better about it since I didn't have to put anything on DS.  It worked well since he wasn't mobile.  I could just set it on the table near him and it worked fine.  Not sure what I'm going to do this year. 
I agree with the other mommas.  It tends to come out very similar to the way it went in.  DS doesn't seem bothered in the least. I have noticed carrots and green beans seem especially bad.  Also, beware the "blue poop".  DS has very odd colored almost blueish poop when he eats blueberries, pomegranate, etc.  Have fun!  I love BLW!  
I recently got a Chicco Liteway stroller and I really like it.  It's tall enough that I don't feel all hunched over while we walk, yet it fold down like an umbrella stroller.  It's a bit big, even folded, but it's still way better that the travel system we had.  It's smooth while we walk, seems comfy and I like the handles.  I tried several and it was the only one where I didn't kick the wheels. 
Have you tried avacados with your LO?  My little guy loved em.  They are easily squished up, but they have enough texture to practice self feeding.  Plus they have lots of good stuff in em.  Beans are also a big hit around here.
DS is 1 and gets a bath every night.  He loves to splash and play in the water and the limited number of toys and space to play in seems to help relax him before bed.  He gets his hair washed each night (it seems to get itchy if I skip this) and the rest and couple times a week.  He has a little loofah he plays with and likes soap on it.  His belly is very very clean
OH check this out!  How cute!  http://www.rosiehippo.com/p-1626-sandsac-eco-friendly-sand-bucket-m.aspx or this maybe?  http://www.amazon.com/Green-Toys-Sand-Play-Set/dp/B0015466IK  
We are going in June, I'm looking for some good advice too . . . 
    Heavens to betsy, if it's not one thing, it's another.  I wish I knew what it was about women that made us criticize and judge one another like we do!  If it's not sleep, it'll be breastfeeding or pacifiers, or shoes and socks, or food, or sippy cups or diaper type.  Blah blah blah, it drives me crazy.  I also vote, not to worry momma, you are doing a fine job!!  He is still very small.  It really is OK to help him sleep.  I have rocked DS to sleep every night of...
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