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I got my one year old a set of wooden salad bowls and he thinks they are the greatest thing!  He loves to stack and un-stack them.  He'll do it totally on his own for 20 minutes or more.  I think he likes the sound they make.  Not really a toy, but I got him a re-usable grocery sack after he kept playing with mine.  He likes to fill it up and carry his junk around.  My little guy is also very into fabric.  He likes the kitchen towel drawer, so I would think some scarves...
Did you contact LLL?  I think they usually provide hand outs for nurse ins.  Perhaps they have some info for you?
    Truer words were never spoken!!  I went away for the night when DS was about 10 months.  There was milk in the freezer for him and DH had a a good time.  They showered together, cuddled in the chair before bed and had junk for breakfast together (DH said something about how he knows DS likes frosting now ) the next morning.  It was good for them to hang just father and son and it was good for me to get out for a night (and sleep all night too!!)  I think the "new"...
Perhaps something like this?  http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50178411
  I don't get this comment.  I mean, so what?  Children are the least judgmental people on the planet.  Was she afraid the children might learn how a baby is fed?  I'm so sorry this happened to you momma!  To be honest, though, I'm still stuck on the one week old and you are out and about!  When little baby A was a week old I thought getting dressed and brushing my teeth was ambitious sometimes
For some women, breastfeeding is extremely stressful.  I am a postpartum nurse and I wish every one of my new moms would breastfeed.  The benefits for baby and mom are wonderful.  There are some who won't even consider it.  To me, lactavism is about offering and supporting moms and their choices to feed their baby.  I want all my patients to feel relaxed and supported by me.  Then there are those who "will try".  The offer the breast, baby squirms and has trouble...
Would love to join you all, but we just finished weaning.  Best of luck, I am so irritated about all this.  What pissed me off more than the mall's response was that the people who complained and called security were other mothers!  Why must women do this to each other?!
I really like http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/ She has lots of great ideas and you can search based on age group.
WOW!!!  Thanks everyone for the wonderful advice.  Really, the biggest thing is that most of my transfer mommies are just so quiet.  Goodness gracious it never occurred to me they might feel judged/scared!!  I will be sure to reassure them.  Mercy, I can't even imagine being afraid the NURSE might judge them.  How awful.  I really try to explain/offer things, not just "tell" them, but I will use extra care from now on.  Thank you!
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